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December 07, 2006



happy, happy, birthday chris! you're such a great dad and husband, your family is lucky to have you..
korean bbq?! sooo good...

tara pollard pakosta

happy birthday chris.
you seem like such a gem!
jamie is lucky to have you, but then again, you are lucky to have her toO!
you are the perfect couple! and a great example as a famILY!
thank you!


Happy Brithday Chris,
Our Blue-Eyed Boyz are loving your Angel Wars creations!! We gave our youngest the collection for his 5th BD on December 2. Keep them coming! Great Stuff! ;)


Happy birthday to Chris .. ... he sounds just like my husband ... I don't even dare posting about my husb on my blog because it would embarass him ...


Had I read this blog before I e-mailed you, I would of wished you a happy birthday...SO happy birthday Chris! Enjoy your special day and thanks for being a great dad to my nieces/nephews and a great hubby to my sisty-in law=) oh for the"the look that only us introverts know means" haha I just pictured that in my head....i've seen you guys do that before, and I could totally read your thoughts by your facial reactions..heheh =)
miss you guys!

jennifer mcguire

happy birthday!!!!! thanks for being such a good husband to our sweet jamie. she deserves the best... and, thanks you, she has it!


Happy Birthday Chris!
I'm so glad that you and Jame are together and that I still have a way to wish you HB.

God has truly blessed you and your family. : )

We wish you all the love and happiness on your special day.

Chan, Paul, Sam & Alex


Happy Birthday to my dear brother! We love you and wish you the happiest Birthday !!

See you soon!

Jessi Stringham

Happy Birthday Chris! :)

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