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December 22, 2006


julie k

what an awesome pic of your family! :)

Cindy C

Love love love the family picture! You all look fabulous! Hope everyone gets well soon - it's not fun being sick.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the family pic! It's so 'magical'!!!!
So sorry y'all have been sick! It's no fun!

melissa deakin

so sorry the kiddos have been sick--i hope you continue to escape it.
that family photo is just stunning--love the twinkling lights in the background.
Merry Christmas, Jamie!

lovely cee

love it when you share pictures, Jamie. you make me happy by just sharing your photos online. little miss elsie is super cute... love that she sucks her fingers. you see, i was a thumb sucker- and i loved that part of life- it was such a comfort.

lovely cee

and oh.... almost forgot, merry christmas Jamie and i hope the kids gets well soon.


hope everyone is well in time for Christmas!


aww, I hope you are all feeling better! your family picture is the best!! Have a happy holidays!

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