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December 30, 2006


Holly Child

Oh my funny...and how scary all at the same time! LOL!


I'm so LMBO right now! The look she's flashing at you is priceless!

I found a lot of things in my toliet today.......I'm so not ready for this phase!

P.S. I'm sure you could just send her here, right? I'd take really good care of her.......I just want to kiss her cheeks!


When I was little my mom has pictures of me sitting in the drawers of my dresser and in clothes baskets. Just a normal thing. When I was older I seem to remember flipping the clothes basket over and trapping a younger sibling. That's probably too much information but what I'm saying is that it's not weird what she's doing. Don't ask me why kids do this though. :P

Tammy Kay

that is so funny. I just posted on my blog about my daughter. The title was
"it is her world and we just live in it"
Seriously. Maybe it is just that they are the "babies" is the reason they act like they own the world. I would not have it any other way though.
Love the look and the pictures.
Happy New Year.


love the look she's giving Caleb---"excuse me, I AM the princess!" :)

Cindy C

Geez, can she get any cuter? She is sooo going to continue to work mom and dad (and siblings too) with those huge adorable eyes... guess you just need to get used to it. :)

Happy New Years Jamie!


what a FACE!!! it!

jennifer mcguire

oh my. how sweet. both of them!


OH my gosh Jamie!! This is hilarious and the look she's giving the camera in the first shot, like, "well of COURSE this is a good place to sit" is hilarious!!

melissa deakin

oh jamie,
i could never resist that face...those eyes.
she is just precious.
Happy New Year!


hhahaha! I am so fearful that Harper is going to start climbing out of her crib soon!


I absolutely love these pics!! Sweet Caleb is such a good big brother. :)

Let's get together soon now that the kids are better.


I coudn't help notice the clarity on the tv. Is that High Def? Wow.


I love her! Can she come over to play?:)

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