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February 05, 2007



They grow up too fast!


Hey there Little Elsie this is your Aunt Rachael..don't grow up too fast and remember how much you are loved by your Pacific Northwest family.
xoxoxooxox miss you all.


Ha,love that she's deeply offended she can't play with the bleach! I think I'm going to buy some cabinet lock things tomorrow, too. Sweet baby girl! It has been a fast year!


man the first year goes by so fast! They grow up so much in such a short period of time. I can't believe how much talking she is doing. so cute :)


She is just a little chatterbox, isn't she?
At least someone is getting some lovin'........ :)
My adjective for today: adorable. :)


she is such a dollface!
that year flew by way too fast. i hate that they grow up too fast. i would give anything to go back to that age!!!

melissa deakin

what can i say?
that face just makes me smile from ear to ear!
it has been such a fast year.
love this little update.
i love how she is communicating with you.


hey girlie!! she has more hair than G at 16 mos! :O
G stopped taking her second nap at 10 or 11 mos I think....:P


I LOVE that you are writing all these specifics out! I have certain things written down from that age but not enough!! :-) This was so much fun to read and imagine her little self doing them!

jennifer mcguire

she is an angel. that is for sure! colin is chatty too. sounds like they would have a lot to talk about.

Auntie Jenn

Happy 11 months Elsie love!!! we love YU sooo much!!! Can't wait to see you again.

Auntie Jenn, Uncle Jay & Ate Jaeden Jamaica =)

p.s. Chris is running at rose bowl and I don't know about it?? hehe j/k...we all should run/jog together, eh?


too cute! i totally forgot all of those things. can't wait. how cute, our kids will be so close :)
ps- love the headtilt.


CUTE photoS!


Amy Gentile

Awww, she is such a little sweetie! Makes me actually want to have one of my own.

Wanted to tell you that I made it to Dot's this past weekend. All I can say is YUM! Will definitely be cupcaking it more often. Especially since it's on the way home from my husband's rehearsals. Thanks for the enabling!


she really is a doll, and ever so engaging - loved holding her last week! hugs!

Amy Hummel

I have a son who will be one on March 10th, so I'm sitting here in denial. My little baby is growing up! Wah!


so sweet and cute!

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