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February 22, 2007



SOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you Kira!!!
Today SPMS, tomorrow the world!


smart and beautiful... look out!

melissa deakin

what a great accomplishment...just the beginning!
her first exciting.
i vividly remember mine--i was in 7th grade; it's amazing how certain things stick with you.


omg. i'm dying. first school dance?!!!! i'll provide the night vision goggles.
otherwise, GOOD JOB KIRA!! so proud of you :)


Way to Go Kira! :)

I wonder if they still play, "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS at school dances. I swear, that was 'the' slow song of 7th-12th grade dances! LOL!! :)


Wow- that's great news- congrats! How quickly they grow up......


i'm very thankful for the spot at ASB! i'm so excited for the dance tomorrow night too! thanks everyone!


Way to go, Kira!!!!! dances, what fun!
Have a great time, Kira.
And I'll tell you what my mom told me, if a boys asks, dance with him.:)
Unless your daddy tells you not to.:)


my daughter went to her first 6th-grade school dance just last fall too : )

From here on in the years will just fly by!


AWE! that is so sweet! :) she is such a cutie! :)


YAAAAA, way to go Kira!!

I love that my kids are school spirit types too!!


Hey Congrats Kira! Love to you tons! I loved being a part of ASB. Way to go! Love ya! Have fun tonight!
love Auntie Rachael

Leigh Ann Brown

Congrats to Kira! My oldest is also a 6th grader, but it's still elementary school here(jr. high next year).
Keep up the good work! Hope the dance was fun!

Jamie--your layouts in the new CK are so fabulous and inspiring--I'm planning on using the sketches and making some fun pages this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration--your stuff always makes me smile!

auntie jenn

YAY Kira!! we are PROUD of you!!! did the dance go??

auntie jenn :)

Cindy C

Congratulations Kira! How exciting! Hope the dance was fun too! :)

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