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February 26, 2007


tara w

love your pics of your kids jamie. :)


She and Harper would have a ball barking at each other...


i literally lol when i read she barks and you woke up to it!! hey, also, i noticed a pic of els w/no fingers!!!!! (in the mouth of course- duh). congrats to cam! he's a natural :)

do i hear partayyyyyy???

Kia Gregory

Hi Jamie, I'm a lurker. Anyhow, my babe Ella turns one on Friday so her and Elsie are on the same track. It's funny cuz Ella sucks her two fingers on her left hand to soothe herself. Love it.


I hope your Monday got better! :) My Monday has been slooooooooooow.......trying to get some energy, but it's just not happening! LOL!!


Hey Jamie,
Love your photos and what fun to check out the Hollywood scene on the very happening Oscar night. Love to you all.

Trina Jaynes

Love your photos Jaime! Great color and you really capture amazing facial expressions! What kind of camera do you have and which lens do you use most frequently?

Thanks and hope your week gets better! Happy 1st Brithday to your little girl (a bit early!)

melissa deakin

i was laughing at the thought of seeing the GEICO sean would have LOVED that.
i know i say it everytime, but that elsie is just so gorgeous...her eyes are like magic.
her first birthday...sigh...


your bowling day... kinda like that great idea you had to go to the la zoo during the heat wave???... oh jame, the plendid ideas you come up with!

happy early 1st bday elsie!.. time flies.

congrats on being bungi cam! brush the big teeth good!

auntie jenn

Nice pics Jame! aaaand can't wait for next blog entry for Elsie Love's 1st bday...happy 1st bday elsie love...we love yu beautiful!

uncle jay, auntie jenn & ate jaeden :)

auntie jenn

btw...would like to see a pic of cam's new smile :)

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