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April 12, 2007



Yes, and I loved the fluff. Life is in the details, right?


I enjoyed the fluff, too. ; )
I am in OC and it is really windy here!!!
We saw 7 or 8 trees down on the way home from school a little while ago. Crazy weather!
Thanks for sharing those lil bits of your life!
I am dying for one of those yummy cupcakes you keep showing. ; )

kerry : k8tykat

lots of fluff.
and, i loved that b&s episode.


but it was all *yummy* fluff.


I have to agree with the person who e-mailed you - I too have been missing your posts! 'Fluff' is great - there's something comforting in the everyday details. And your family's 'fluff' is always so lovely.

Mel Nunn

I love reading all your fluff! Helps that you have totally cute kids to write about too!


fluff is good. :)


I love reading your fluff too!!! You could write about everyday life and post tons of pics of Elsie forever. I love seeing what she's doing every time i check your blog. I have a 10 month old so it's fun to see what might be coming next for my little DD. Thanks for sharing your life with us. :)


I love the fluff too. Keep it coming. It's comforting to know that others deal with the same fluff. And you usually make me smile.

I loved the part about the boys playing and you picking up their stuff. I love finding treasures like that.

Happy Day to you. TriciaH


love the fluff!
and yes, I did see Brother's & Sister's....are artichokes really grown there or was that all made up tv stuffs?


i read it. i love your fluff. since we never email anymore, your blog is all i get of your life. :P and check out the lindt chocolate - so weird to see that over there. didn't expect to see the carrot-pop on your blog!!!!!!!


I love reading your fluff too! Does your town really have an artichoke festival? I love Brothers & Sisters, the bickering and making up reminds me of my siblings. We are the same way!

Anita Fehr

love the fluff!! and I love "comparing" if you will, how similar our lives can be (the baby at the snack cupboard, the boys with pants issues...) and yet your life, to me seems so amazing - maybe it's where you live and all the opportunities you have there...I think it's finally warming up here today to wear capris! ;) Have a great day Jamie...and thanks again for the fluff!


I always love reading your updates. And I LOVE Brothers and Sisters. So cool that you got to see them filming it.


I DID!I DID! I read it all.. love it. love how you are so random. and NO HAVEN'T WATCHED BRO/SIS that pic of caleb by the flower jar looks like you so much. love all the shot and fluff...


Yes, the fluff is YOU and FAM and I love it. The pic in the snack bar is perfect. Great caption.
BTW, thanks for the "remembering" my email. I truly do enjoy your blog. And yes, I did read it ALL.

tara pollard pakosta

love your fun fluff!


Hi! I've been reading your blog after i discovered it from somewhere.. you ALWAYS have great posts, even the ones about fluff! Lol!!
Your kids are all adorable! You take the BEST photos!
Love all your layouts too!
Have a great weekend!
Xx Jess


I read ALL that fluff!!! I love to read your blog (fluff and all!)and then I realized that your blog is responsible for 1) my new obsession with cupcakes! (am I the only one who misses the DOTS-bakery inspired header for your blog?!?!?) and 2) our painting our 5-year old daughter's room BRIGHT green with pink accents -- looking back at Elsie's birthday pictures, I noticed her balloons were pink and green. I had looked at those pictures often -- loving the color combination. Guess I know wherein lies inspiration!!!


Hehe It appears as though your fluff is famous!! Everyone likes it!!

I enjoy reading your posts! Your kids are gorgeous and you take amazing photos! Do you photoshop them aswell or do you just have an amazing camera and eye for photography??

Hope to hear more 'fluff' soon!! xx


Add me to the list of your fluff fans! I love reading about your sweet family!

melissa deakin

i always love reading your seeing your beautiful family...and love seeing what it would be like to live in place that is warm :)
sean, like caleb, likes comfy pants...often times i surrender.
i have to try raisins with luke...not sure if he will like them.
i have Brothers & Sisters taped...need to watch it.
love the update!

Trina Jaynes

Nice fluff, Jaime! Fluff is the stuff life is made of, right? All the most precious moments are in the fluff!

PS---I live just outside of Monterey, CA which is just a hop, skip and a jump from the real Castroville (where Brothers & Sisters was, I thought, really filmed at. Are you saying they really filmed in Pasadena and pretended it was Castroville, CA?? How funny is that!


I LOVE YOUR FLUFF TOO! Miss it hugs to you all. xoxoxox


Fluff makes me happy! Love to see when you have a new post. (and don't know that I've ever commented before...and don't have much to say...but fluff!) Love the pics. Love your scrapwork. And thanks for the reminder to take pics of my kids play-stuff left as we all scurry out to school and work-- a 6 year-old Kindergarten boy and 5 year-old girl.

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