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April 16, 2007



lol @ elsie with the tongs!!

and i am going to snap a random pic of my kids' desk to document them right now.
before she's "over" the sims.
before he gets rid of that stack of rolling stone magazine.

thanks for the idea.



Again, your "FLUFF" cracks me up. Your pics are classics. Totally digging this. I wish I would have thought of giving my son tongs to play with when he was Elsie's age. Btw, for the brushing teeth thing, ever try those battery operated toothbrushes for kids?? Those totally work and my son wants to brush his teeth ALLLLLLL DAYYYYY, battery after battery...

Jenny A.

i am a huge fan of yours. i LOVE all your layouts. you take beautiful pictures. you make your layouts look so simple. PLEASE come out with a book of all your beautiful work :-) i know i wouldn't be the only one who would buy it!!! have a great day!


Thanks for the heads up on the Listerine... I have a bottle in my bathroom right now that will be in the trash as soon as I finish posting this. My kids love the stuff, too.

Elise knows where the fun can be found... the kitchen! My son is the same, he loves pot holder, tongs, big spoons and everthing else he finds in there. ; ) My husband is in charge of the dishes in our house... so he isn't always happy to find the contents of the drawers in the sink when he comes home from work. Oh well... I guess it is the same as when my kids change 12x a day and their practically clean clothes end up in the hamper.

Elise is beautiful!!
Love that dress!!

melissa deakin

i didn't realize that was the Listerine that was recalled...that stinks.
love the relationships between your children...priceless.
love elsie playing with the tongs...too cute.
that dress is gorgeous as is the photo. i cannot wait
to start taking some photos outside again.
i hope all is well, jamie!


Love these kinds of posts!!

I can imagine how neat it is to see Els making her own with the other 3!!

Love those sports Saturday's!

Lip gloss..good!!


love the ipod nano is it? that kira has got there, great colour and the little ipod sock thingy...KEWL...



your pictures are always so beautiful . . . :D


Be sure to send in the back label for a refund from Listerine!

Loved your 2peas LO's...soo cool!

Jessie Fulkerson

Umm can I get Elsie's dress for uhhh me?! Cause seriously that is cute!!!!


Awwwwwww......she is so cute! I love that baseball pic and her clothes are adorable in it! I totally forgot about the dress too! She looks hot-hot-hot! :)


My kids were totally bummed about the mouthwash, too.


I LOVE the show Brothers&Sisters. How funny that you posted about the artichoke scene.


lol at the tongs on els' head!! love the black and white shot w/the dress. cute...


So love your photos and your comments about them too! I love you tons! Miss you see you soon Yeah!!


funny about Brothers & Sisters-I love that show :)


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