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April 21, 2007



Man, she is sooooo stinkin' cute!

melissa deakin

i feel so badly that you were locked out of the house for half the day...thank goodness for your MIL.
elsie's skin is like porcelain. gorgeous.
luke still takes a bottle in the morning and at night. i know we should give it up, but it is the only time luke lets me hold him...i guess i'm the one that is not ready.
happy weekend!


What lens did you shoot these pictures with. The colors are AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing...


Let me just say that you have one cute family - it's no wonder you take such great pictures. You have some awesome subjects! :)

I remember a post from you the other day that said something about fluff posts. I do enjoy reading them - keep them coming!

Have a great weekend!


those lips!!
and those eyes.
such a cutie pie.

sorry you got locked out, i have been locked out a few times, even locked IN once!! no fun. :(

tara pollard pakosta

so awesome of photos!
ah, don't rush the bottle being done! let her throw it out when she goes to school LOL!

Jennifer Mattix

She is just too cute for words!

I'm the queen of keys locked somewhere other than where (or when) I need them! You aren't alone. I tend to leave them in a running car. Nothing quite like wasting money AND gas!!


time does fly jame... i do miss those days..

Melissa Salomon

Happy MotherĀ“s Day. In Mexico, it is always May 10.
Here is a card highlighting the special relationship between mother and child.

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