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April 25, 2007


jamie k

how could you even think of deleting a picture like that? I would keep every single one of that little girl.

so glad you kept it.


I've ordered myself that Kit! It looks wonderful and I can hardly wait to get it! :)


I can't get behind the sandwich, but that baby girl is cute :)


Love your layouts you did with the kit! You rocked it!
That pic of E is too cute!!!!


You sold me on the kit Jamie! Thanks!

Anne Thompson

Hi there, I just found your blog, and absolutely love your work! I've seen your layouts in Creating Keepsakes, and LOVE your style! So glad I found your blog, all your pictures are amazing! Anne


awww love the chubbies and baby dimples too :) i like the expression on her face"uh mom caught me at the fridge again"..hehehhe

Rachel Saunders

Jamie I just wanted to pop in on your blog and say how much I love your LO's...I love the way you do pages which look good but don't take too long....I also have four children so I know that scrapping time is precious!!

Sasha Farina

don't delete anything... keep every single shot :D she's too precious!


i think that the photo is blurry in all the right spots! :) (just another 1/2 way secret fan of your work...)


Darling photo! :) And I loved your Ali Album - so sweet!


I can't believe I missed it. I was counting down the days on this kit and completely missed it. We were on the road aiming for those rainy nasty days you mentioned.

Apparently they are every day here in Seattle.

Love all the pages you posted.



I tried to order the kit a few times and had all kinds of internet problems (I think it was on their end), and I tried to view your album and others and couldn't do that, either. Kinda heartbroken!

Also, my big girl has nut allergies and we can't have anything nut-related in our house. Do you KNOW how painful that is to peanut butter's biggest fan? I *love* peanut butter and nanner wiches and I've never had one cooked in a pan, and with butter no less. Next time I'm out of harm's way, I'm making this for myself, dadgummit.


Oh, and that photo? Totally darling, total keeper.

melissa deakin

bought that kit, jamie.
it is amazing!
that sandwich looks incredible.
awww...sweet baby elsie!
love those dimples.


oh how i miss those little baby dents!!
i tell my boy-one this frequently!!


Hey I had so much fun this weekend!
Love you guys!!

Tamara Nelson

I just got the kit as well, and I LOVE it! I have what I hope is a great idea, just need the time :-). Cute pics!

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