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April 18, 2007



A++++ work in my book. And after all the struggle and headache, you have yourself my dear a WONDERFUL layout. =)


okay, so what exactly IS the round robin?? I've seen it listed before, but never figured out what it was. and that whole process you went through? Can I just say: one of the #1 reasons I switched to digi...:P
Love the layout though - especially the 'precious' title on the picture! :D


our little jamie is coming along just fine...


I have to say, I love the journaling on the photo. Sometimes all that work is totally worth it!


This was one of my favs in the garden...

laura t.

another beauty...and I'm one of the .02% very interested in the process! :)


i am certain that there are more than .02 percent of us that enjoy reading your scrappy thoughts . . . and i'm so happy to know that i'm not the only one out there with purple issues . . . :D

chanda Alicante

Jame, I've quit my job for two weeks now, hoping that I'd find more time to scrap. And ends up all I'm doing is spending more time looking for inspiration on your blog, and then realizing that it's been over an hour being in awwwwee over the same pages I've been drooling about for the last year...then it's time for dinner...ugh. So here's just another one to drool about. : (


love hearing your process!

i am also one that buys 2 pieces of every paper.
usually one ends up in the trash.
or else it stays in my stash until my yearly purge ;)

thanks for sharing!

Cindy C

I loved this post! Probably because I am always going back and forth on what I want to do. I'll cut paper, wish I hadn't... Journal on a photo, mess up, then have to wait until the next day to get the photo reprinted so it'll be perfect... *sigh*

Hearing your process is very cool. So glad to shared it! Hope you'll post more scrappy thought process in the future. :)

I love the layout too!


i call it pure

love your work.

Kimberly White

Thanks for sharing your process! And I totally agree about buying 2. Love your work Jamie! Kim


I totally love this how you did the word PRECIOUS. :)


gorgeous layout! you just have that touch, even if it took you the long way around this time! love seeing your inspiring stuff. :)


Count me in on the .02% too! I love the writing on the photo!

And I am definitely one to buy 2{or 5} sheets of the same awesome paper. I fear that all my stuff starts to look the same.

You could do nothing but stick a picture of one of your kids on a piece of notebook paper and call it done. It would still look awesome! Cute kids totally make a page. :)



Nice to know that even a "famous" scrapbooker has issues sometimes!! The process of a page is always interesting to me -- thanks for blogging it all for the .02 percent of us!!

melissa deakin

i'm so glad you blogged about this, jamie.
i love hearing about your process in creating.
love this layout so much.
love the tilt on the photo and the background paper is the perfect complement.


i love it mucho too! nicely done!

kerry : k8tykat

i think it's beautiful. and i love hearing about the process. sometimes i feel that i put WAY too much thought into the littlest details. putting things down, taking them away, putting others back. but in the end the right lo always turns out.

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