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April 24, 2007



What a lovely post! So deep and informational! :)


i am so with you jamie, im hoping my three are buddies for a long time to come


ohhh Jame,
I am so excited to be coming down to see you and everyone too. It's going to be great fun.
Love all your thoughts and can't believe how big your brothers have gotten. crazy how time flies when you don't see someone often. love ya !!
see you soon!


how precious is that?!
she's smart!!

and love the beautiful pics of the beautiful people in your life- i, too, regret that the last 11.5 years i have been away from *home* and as such, not a part of the daily lives of my siblings...

chanda Alicante

Isn't it crazy how life seems to be in fast forward when you see someone grow up? Yeah...i feel the same about Alex.
I wish you took pics at the baptism this past Sunday. I didn't get to take one with you. Darnit...and equally upset that I missed shots of Kira and Sam. hmmm...well just have to make that one up when we hang out this coming week...right?


That is so cute! I love how they become little people instead of babies...

Bridget =)

LOL! My little boy (Jaden) loves those yogurts too. He can't open the fridge (but he hangs on the handles and squawks at us until we do! UGH) and then gets one out himself. Shakes it up and hands it back to us for a straw... =) Until the past week or so when he got impatient and learned to bite a HOLE in the alum. top cover!!!!! Oy vey!


HAAAAAAAA yogurt in the AVANT bottle is PRICELESS. That is such a great pic. I laughed so hard when I saw that. That is adorable. Love the family pics. Such a beautiful post about them. Never fear my dear, although one won't be across the street and the other is going to be at away at college, your hearts connect you and you will remain as close as can be.
BTW, your kids pics always make me laugh, each one has their own personality. GREAT GREAT kids.

melissa deakin

love this post.
you have such a beautiful and lovely family.
i agree...i hope my boys are really close as they grow up.
love how elsie put the yogurt in the bottle...too funny!
have a great day!


such a delightful post . . . love it when you talk about a little of this and a little of that . . . cause life's that way . . . :D


you have one gorgeous family!
so fun to learn more about you :)


omg jame! you are sooo fast!... k, i need a copy of this.


Awww...i so know what you mean!! :(
I feel like that with my lil brother...and lil brother in laws too. I remember how giddy/excited the boys were when jay and I got them their first power rangers! Josh screamin with excitement and justin eyes about to pop out of his head :) and, whoa! although i have sisters of my own, the 'aja' crew were the ones I was closest to! :) I LOVE YU, my sista's :) I hope our kids will have the same relationship:)
btw i missed out on the march issue :( can't find it anymore, have a spare copy by any chance, so bummed :(

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