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June 14, 2007



Jamie your class rocked. I cant wait to put my kit together! Come back soon!!

Cindy C

Hi Jamie! I had a great time in your class last night... the layouts were so cute and the kit you gave was awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us. Can't wait to take another class from you. :)


You don't happen to have any extra kits do you?? I would have loved to taken your class, but I think the airfare would have been a little costly!!!


I wish I could have taken this class--your work is wonderful (though I imagine it's easy with such a lovely family!) Please do post if you have extra kits, though it certainly won't be the same w/o hearing the process behind them. Look forward to hearing about your next classes--


I'm so bummed I couldn't make your class. I bet it was amazing!
Next time for sure!


I am so glad your class went well. Yeah!! Hugs are coming your way via Nick wish I could come ya!


wow jame! you are so super organized! ...when you coming over to my house?


Jame...loved the class! Can't wait to do more! Let's plan for next week some to get together!


3 hours?!?!? Geesh!!
Glad it went well!! :)


3 hours ? and i thought atlanta was bad !


i can't wait to get the class kit in the mail! i wish i was there in person!


I know your class was awesome!!!!

melissa deakin

so wish i could have
been there.
i can only
imagine how amazing
your class was.
perhaps someday...

Andrea S

So Jamie, when are you coming to NZ to teach? So love your stuff, wish I could do a class with you.

Joy U

So glad it went well! :o)


It was so nice to finally meet you in person and take your class. I had so much fun and hope you can teach at SO again very soon! Maybe a mini album =)? Still hoping you'll come out with your own idea book soon!


YOU ROCKED THE OASIS!! I knew it! How about a class in August?? heehee...

HI KIRA & SAMANTHA! You two are the sweetest...come see us again VERY soon please!!
XO! Kris


man. i would have loved to have been there!

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