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June 07, 2007



Your posts are always so delightful! :)

Good luck at your wedding this weekend! I just got that lens in the Nikon version today. :) Great minds think alike!




Idan Asinely

cool pics

Jackie Hughes

Are those *birds* in the supplies clear acryllic stamps? They look really neat. Who are they by? Love the arrow stickers, too. ~~Jackie


How sweet is she???? Happy belated birthday, Kira!

melissa deakin

Happy belated birthday to kira!
i love what she sweet.
that painted wall is amazing!
your class is going to be incredible...i wish i could be there.
i cannot wait to get my hands on jennifer's book!


Oh!! You're in that awesome book too?! I so want it. Haven't seen it yet but the minute I do.. it's a done deal.
I would just love to take your class. I know I'd learn so much from you- you've always been one of my fave scrappers. :)


i picked up the book tonight and haven't put it down.
so fabulous!


Please come to the Portland, Oregon area and teach a class. It would be a dream come true! (Would also love to know who the clear acryclic bird stamps are made by...) Just got my copy of the special issue! Savoring the chance to spend some time alone with it.


jamie, i got tears in my eyes reading your post about kira saying elsie was the best thing happening during the year.there is nothing sweeter than seeing the love between your children. thank you for your beautiful layouts and amazing photography. i have loved your work for some time now. you are truly an inspiration. lea, canberra, australia


Hey Jame, Love all these photos gonna get that book and I agree with Amy come teach up here in Portland please!!! good idea!

Cindy C

I know I'm kinda late, but happy birthday to Kira! :)

Totally gave me a big smile when I read that Elsie was the best thing that happened in her 11th year. You've got some great kids over there. :)

Chipotle and cupcakes... now that's a birthday celebration!

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