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June 28, 2007



Happy Anniversary!!!

That is hilarious and totally cool that you both found each other there!!

I'm LOVING her little flippy new doo!!


That is so cute! Love her hair & love you both! too cute


She is just gorgeous - there is something about this photo that makes me smile. Happy Anniversary - hope your day (and every other day) was special :o)


Happy Anniversary! The flip is so cute.


happy anniversary! Love that story! That little flippy is so cute! xoxo


haha!! too funny. you guys are so cute. happy anniversary. i forget it's on kyks bday :)

love this shot jame..i can't believe she likes to groom herself in front of the mirror!!! what a girly girl!


Happy Anniversary!
Okay, that pic is to die for! Love the lighting on her hair!!!! :)

tudsie woodsie whim wam whop

one of my favorite stories

Kathryn (aka kate)

She is too sweet!
I love the lil' flip!!!
Happy Anniversary!
The 27th is my Grandparents' Anniversary, too...
they were celebrating their 64th.
Hope you both had a nice day. : )


my parents celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary yesterday (6/28). it must be a popular time of year!!
hope yours was filled with lots of love and sugar!!


YAY! I LOVE the flippy doo too :)
you have to show me a pic of her brushing her hair, girly-girl--too cute!

Chris-how could i forget 6/27? Alot of special celebrations going on that day:)
my lil bro's bday, my nephew's bday, kymora's bday, god daughter's bday, of course you and jame's anniversary--can't say that I regret not going to your wedding, as that was the year I visited Philippines for my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary-the last time I saw them both living and together. Trust me, I was sooo bummed when jame told me about the wedding date. BUT, I didn't forget :) which shows how much i would of LOVED to be there :)

melissa deakin

love this story, jamie.
love your love for each other.
that flip...darling.
happy belated anniversary + happy weekend.


hilarious. great minds....

2 friends + 2 gether = 4 ever


happy anniversary!
i love that story... so much like me and my boyfriend... he would know to go to the cupcake shop for me too ;)


love the hair!!!!
& cupcakes!


that's so funny. :)

happy anniversary!

Cindy C

Your story about the cupcakes totally made me laugh out loud. You guys are so cute. Happy Anniversary!

And I love the flip. So cute that girl of yours is... even the back of her head!! :)

Joy U

Happy anniversary you guys!


Jamie...that flip is just so adorable : ) She is such a cutie!

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