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June 23, 2007



OH MY GOSH. Who is that little GIRL?!?!?!?

Congrats on the kits. U R A Rockstar!!


awh, look at that lil cutie pie!!

Shannon Tidwell

Is she at the apple store?:)

tara pollard pakosta

she looks so grown up with her new haircut!!! wow!
what a big girl!
sorry i missed out on the kits!


awwww soooo cute! does els' hair flip in now? curls totally gone?
love her expression. love her bangs. love seeing her in jaeden's stuff, cuz it totally brings back memories of how little my muncnkin was :(
btw, thanks for everything jame, jae had a blast with KCC&E--wants to go back already!((i miss ninang jamie))
girls had a blast at Gwen's concert,giddy, excited, dancing, screaming.. did K tell you ND did a surprise performance?!? OMG! performed tragic kingdom tracks-told k that mommy took me to my first ND concert in SD and these were the songs playing, she was like really? She was what, only 2 at the time, but i do have pics of kira with Els' haircut wearing ND stickers on her shirt from our concert..hehe you do know you are responsible for making me the gwen/ND fanantic I am today RIGHT?? ;)
LOVE's yu lot's,

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