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June 20, 2007



I am interested in one of your kits!!

Stacey Hoover

I'm interested, too. :)

Lisa Truesdell

i'm interested, but i think i got here too late. LOL. enjoy having the extra help home!! =)

Jeannie Rivera

oh, man.. i think i'm late too, but would love to purchase one.

Katie Rose

Oh darn...I'm too late too! I would have loved a kit! Great photos!

Jen K

bummer, just a little late on this one! :) Maybe next time!! Cute pics of your kids, as always!


LOVE ME some awesome photos!!!


oh, i have a kit and it's great!!!

laura t.

bummer! timing is everything..enjoy you gals who snapped them up!
and adorable photos as usual!

Amanda Smith

Well, I think I am out of luck, but if something comes up..I would love to buy a kit. LMK :)

Amanda Smith

Jenny A.

I'm too late for the kit! Oh well, next time!


isn't summer the best?!! I love having both my kids home with me, hanging out, just getting to spend lots of time with them is such a blessing! That shot of Kira is SOOO great!!! She is such a beautiful girl!!


I'd be totally interested in a kit if you could scrounge up some more. =)

Great pics!


Oh, I'd love a kit if you happen to find any more.


love the pic of kira and tuds. oh and of els laying on the grass w/her broskiiii.... :)
oh oh and love cakey's mohawk!!hahaaa thats all.

Amy Tangerine

aww man- i wanted to purchase one and emailed you at maybe an email address that doesn't work? let me know if you happen to have any still- would love to buy one!

Jackie Hughes

I'd be interested in a kit. Please send me the price/info if you still have a kit left. Thanks!!!


omg, kira looks soo TWEEN in that pic--way too fast!

LOVE the pic of cam giving els a kiss, TOO CUTE!!!

btw does your god daugther miss her parents yet?? cuz I sure miss her!!


I would be interested in a kit, also!


how's about we draw names for the kit, or start a wait list, or something that gives me a little chance too! OR just give me a peek so I know what i'm missing.

Cathy Pascual

i know i'm way too late, but i would love to buy a kit too :)


my goodness, they *all* look so much older.
how is it that one school year makes everyone seem so much bigger??
and elsie looks very pleased to have her brothers back full-time!!


Sigh...look at how big your little button is getting? WAY too fast, isn't it? :(

Jennifer Kolakowski


Would you ever consider a re-order or putting together another kit if there is enough interest? I absolutely LOVE everything you do...I would most definitely buy any kit you put together!

Jen Kolakowski (CT)


Great idea Jen!
Everyone else is doing it Jamie, how about you :)

How about putting a kit together, please?

Just love your style.

Thanks for the constant inspiration.

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