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June 25, 2007


Kathy T

I just love your blog Jamie, you are such a positive person and you exude such an amazing sense of family! I lurk but don't comment, usually pressed for time, but wanted to say hi!


Oh my goodness, she is just way too cute for words.


You'd better have her practicing her flips and kartwheels so she can compete with Grant in a couple weeks.......not!!! LOL!!!

melissa deakin

that is amazing.
i cannot believe elsie can do that.
love your photos.
love your blog.
always makes me smile.


Els the monkey--LOVE it! :)
how long can she hang for?

Kimberly L.C.

I read often, but have never posted... I love your blog!

Did you drink some good wine in Temecula? We were just up there for my relatives' birthdays and we all went wine tasting!

Aunty Jo

Looks like there was lots of fun and then a tinge of sadness with your buddies leaving. Elsie is so darn cute I wanna kiss that little nose!!!!!

Carrie D.

love the pic of elsie! her little toes kill me - so cute!


Love that picture of Elsie hanging!!! So cute! Can't wait to see how you scrap it.:)


i guess it didn't go through yesterday, but wishing you and Chris a Happy Anniversary :)
yu fam :)


monkey girl. ha.

elsie and malaya will be kickin it in the coconut trees together when they get older.....


I love love love the pics you take. Elsie is soooo fricken cute... As I said before, you have one beautiful family...Thanks for always sharing with us...


holy cow!!!
her little feet kill me ;)


holy cow!!!
her little feet kill me ;)


holy cow!!!
her little feet kill me ;)


Thanks Jen!
I believe you were the only person to wish us a happy anniversary, funny since you weren't at our wedding:(

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