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June 06, 2007



Can I just cut and paste this to my blog in 24 days when my oldest becomes 12? I never listened to people telling me how fast they grow up! I should have listened...

Sasha Farina

what a beautiful young lady she is!


happy birthday KIRA!!! the first baby in our little group. you have grown up so fast. a beautiful, young woman. we are proud of you.
love what you wrote jame. :)


Happy birthday, Kira!!


Did mommy give you your email bday greeting eeearrrllly this morning?!?!? heheh. Happy 12th bday sweetheart, we love yu sooo much!! btw, we have a surprise for you, but you'll have to be patient ;)

Jame--time flew way too fast, and i'm reminded of it everytime I see Kira...our first born, sigh...a beautiful young lady she's becoming. remember this: the green grass grows all around, all around, and the green grass grow all around, there was a tree, tree, tree...heheh..oh what joy & laughter that came from kira-koo when you, ming and I sang that to her...miss kira. 12. goodness!
jenn, jay & jaeden :)


Awwww total SAD FACE. Jamie this gave me chills. I keep telling my so who is 3 to STOP GROWING OLDER.
You are doing great work with her MOM. Never fear, she will always be "your little girl."

Katie Rose

This brought tears to my goes by way too fast, doesn't it!

tara pollard pakosta

happy bday kira.
you are a natural beauty
just like your mama.
stop growing up so fast!!!!
i hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Happy Birthday, Kira! Have an awesome year.


Oh seems like she just turned 11. :)

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!


*such* a doll!!
happy birthday kira!!

(i know how you feel, my girl one turns 11 on friday!!)


HAPPY Bday to Kira!
Such a beautiful post, Jamie...


Ok so this made me cry. My daughter just turned two. Print this out for her to save...what treased words. Happy Birthday to you both!


beautiful. :D


Happy Birthday! The whole growing up thing with my kids kills me too! Waaa!


happy birthday beautiful! our first baby is so big now... so proud. love you!


... in the blink of an eye =)

you have a beautiful young lady!


Hey Jame,
Oh so sweet and she is so beautiful and grown up looking in those photos. Birthday hugs to Kira.
I can't believe Jake is going to be 13 this Sept. how is this possible we have junior high girls and little ones too. I love it.
Love ya!


oh james, you made me cry!
why must they grow up??
reece turns one on tuesday.
i am excited & sad at the same time.
miss you.


beautiful oisyt. you've put into words how i feel about my little ones getting bigger. :(

chanda Alicante

Happy Birthday Kira!!!
We all hope you had a good day!
You're growing up so fast!
We love you!!


She is just beautiful Jamie. You should be so proud!
Happy Birthday Kira!


What a beautiful post!! Happy Birthday Kira!!


Hope you had a wonderful day, Kira. You are beautiful. I see your mama so much in your eyes. I can see you have her warm soul.

Laura Lively

Seriously! There are tears streaming down my face right now! I know exactly how you feel and my oldest is only almost 6... Happy late B-day Kira!

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