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June 11, 2007



I've been trying to decide which lens to get- the 50mm 1.4 or the 85 1.8. Have you used both? What do you think?

Lenses. They are so addictive. Worse than shoes for me.


rock on w/the mohawk! it was fun seeing you and chris at the wedding. that guy had me in stiches...:)
pics look so good. go caleb w/the piano :) man, you sound like you had a salanoa w/e.


whoa. i am exhausted for you!!
adorable pic of elsie...and yay for the lil piano man!!
i wonder if *i* could pull off the 'hawk ??



I love you ! You are amazing! Love your photos and your ideas and your kids! Glad Kira had a fun b-day! glad Caleb is learning the piano and sorry about your lense that stinks...

melissa deakin

that is a busy weekend.
you are such a fabulous momma.
love these photos.
your posts always make me smile.


LOVE the last pic! Darling!


I don't envy your weekend!

Love that first shot! Beautiful!

So sorry about your lens. Major bummer.

And, love the pathway with little E......I'm guessing that was with the 17-55mm?


zoom in on the grubby foot next time.

chanda Alicante

You've got to send me the link to Camille&Ray's pics. I've got a lot of brides that want to see your work! I need samples asap! : ) the pic of Elsie!!!(and her grubby feet!)


Beautiful photo of the bouquet Jamie!


E is the cutest. Love how her one cheek is sucked in and she is kind giving a hitch hiker thumb. So cute


Hi J...
Incredible pics!! Can't wait to see you Wed! Pls let me know if you need're gonna ROCK the Oasis, I know!

Cindy C

Hi Jamie! Love all the pictures, especially the one with Elsie's grubby foot. You totally inspire me to want to take more pictures. Been caught up with life lately that that camera has gotten the shaft...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Your class will be great! :)


When I teach piano, I teach playing by ear (and improv, etc.) along with "traditional" piano, good posture, technique, and reading notation... I just went to a conference this weekend and found some books called My First Piano Adventure--they seem to combine all of it, and it's skewed a bit younger--something to look into, maybe? Go music!!! :-)


Sorry about the lens girl. Hope it gets fixed quickly...and cheaply.

Love your photo watermark. Classy. And fab photo. Hope we get to see the rest.

Love that you and your mom gave the girls pedicures. How fun!!!

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