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July 02, 2007



wow,nice :) i can't believe els has a shoe fetish!!! t r o u b l e!

your girls are so pretty... what a responsible girl (kira) for being such a big help.


Those shirts are soooooooooo flippin' cute!!!!


She IS filipina you know?


it is so hard to be the 1st comment on your blog.

you're so popular jame.

Amy Tangerine

love the pics!!! xoxo


Aren't 12 year old girls just the best!? I have one too and she is a huge help with her baby sister. I love the tshirts!


That hi and bye is tooo cute (and so is your daughter!)

melissa deakin

oh those t's are darling.
love them.
those shoes...what can i say?
i love that elsie loves shoes!


Love the Hi/bye shirt. very cute


Your girls are so cute!!


Cute shirts
Adorable girls!

Elsie's hair looks cute!!
Are the shoes driving YOU crazy yet?:)


oh my GOSH those shirts are adorable!!! I LOVE Elsie's!!! Th shoes, TDF! ;-) Gabby had that same fetish when she was little!!!

Jaime Youjng

Hi! Found your blog through a friend :) Looks great! My daughter has those squeaky shoes too! Here is a website where all the proceeds go to orphanages and they are really inexpensive:
They are all leather too!


your girls are adorable in their cute t's! elsie is my kinda girl, lovin' shoes!

Sarah van Wijck

Oh your photos are always so cute!! I know you have probably posted it before, but what lens do you 'normally' shoot with?

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