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August 24, 2007



great pic of you and rach, how was the ratatouille?

Melody Brown

Adult nights out are always a win! Moms need some grown up time occasionally yeah!


LOL about the disclaimer about your bathtub!!! The first thought in my head was "wow, she's so brave to show her bathtub to the world!" when I wouldn't even show mine to my MIL!!!!!

Your blog makes me smile.


Super cute photos of your adorable little (and NOT so little) ones :) Girls' night out is such a treat -- I need to do that! Can't wait to see what you've been up to "layout" wise!

Cindy C

Great photos as always! LOL about your non grungy bathtub. I so need a girls night out... sounds like you had a great one!

Have a good weekend Jamie!

melissa deakin

love that photo of you and your SIL, jamie.
love the vintage color tones to it.
love the bathtub photo and sweet little elsie!
have a great weekend!

lovely cee

it's okay...
great pictures though! like always!

Amy Tangerine

haha- just noticed the in love we trust tee :)


THANKS Love you too! Miss you tons already!
love ya!!


love this post. what's up w'the everyday posting? don't get me wrong- i love it!
blanket comment: great shots, love the way the kids are growing up :)

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