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August 30, 2007



damn chris - that teared me up! you are a wonderful writer! good luck to your brother!


There are eight years between me and the next in our family. The day my "baby brother" left for college I cried & cried. It was so sad to see him go : ( As usual, gorgeous photos! Good luck to your best mate!!


Wow - You definitely know how to write! Amazing! Brought tears to my house! Hope your brother has a great time in his new adventure! Enjoy! Good luck to him :)

tara pollard pakosta

awwww stop IT>
making me cry!
he's adorable!
and no doubt a great
great guY>!
how blessed your family is to have hIM!


I love brothers ...
he looks a bit like Zac Efron in that 2nd pic ...


What a lovely post about your brother, he sounds wonderful! Good luck to him. :)


What a sweet tribute to your brother and great pictures! As I looked at them I thought "I only know of 1 other Tudor and that's him" LOL My daughter is buddies with Tudor and she'll be missing him as she starts her sophmore year at SPHS. May he continue to do great things at college!


Chris what beautiful sentiments. I can not believe Tudor is 18 and leaving for college! Seems like yesterday your mom was pregnant and Tudor was born. I remember babysitting I feel OLD!!!!

Wish him the best.....

auts in california

so well written. he sounds like such a good guy. too bad i'm not 18. MUAHAHHAHAAAAAA

Raewyn A

Good luck to Tudor.

Just had to say - Chris I loved seeing your NZ tee shirt, can't wait to meet Jamie in NZ next year!!!


You really know what to say Chris!!! Good luck to your brother!

Glad you are back safe and sound!

Cindy C

Oh, I totally want to cry right now! You wrote that so beautifully!

I love the photos too!

Cindy C

Another little comment...

Jamie, I went in to Oasis today and signed up for your new class! I am soooo happy that you are teaching another one! Can't wait! :)

Cococupcake Designs

those are great photo's !!!

Jamie K

how is it that one family could have TWO good looking sons???

good luck to your brother...I'm sure he will go on to do great things!!

and to Jamie...I signed up for your class too! I'm so excited to meet you in person. I missed your last class but you can be sure Cindy C and I will be very good students!! and instead of an apple, how about I bring you a...cupcake??


Sob Sob...I am crying. Especially on behalf of Mum! I am sad and excited for all of you! Excited for Tudor. Sad for Chris Jamie Grammies and Grampies.. it will not be the same at home without him. However he is not far and I am certain will come home often.
love you all.
Auntie Rachael

Sasha Farina

stop it... i'm choking here. My baby sister just left for college too... now you're making me miss her even more.


This is lovely. The photos, the words, the love.

Best of luck to you, Tudor Robb.

Niella {NZ}

Chris, what a wonderful, beautiful and insightful column you have written:) Your baby bro is very fortunate to have such an adorable family & big bro! Am loving the t-shirt as well:)


Wow...funny how time passes by so quickly. I remember him playing like Cameron! What school is he going to?


he use to be so small... aw.

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