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August 26, 2007


Cindy C

I'm glad that you are still posting daily... love reading all the little tidbits.

That is a great photo of you and Elsie.. it's always nice when mom is in the photo too!

Katie Rose

I am loving the daily posts Jamie! Great phoyo of the two of you!


elsie is looking so beautiful! miss you guys!

Melody Brown

Even the mundane is interesting to others, just sharing life is what we all do. Keep it up gal!

Amy Tangerine

PRETTY! love that you are posting daily- it's fun to read.

Aunty Jo

Glad you had fun with Rookie. We had lots of fun when she was down under and were very sad to see her go. Jess had fun as well inspite the bump into the tree. Seeing Chrissy tomorrow and am organising a big family dinner. Should be good... wish you could be here!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxx


check out those colors in the pot! dope jame.


Love you !! Thanks again for everything! Had so much fun hanging out with you tons this past week.
Miss you~!

jamie k

now if you can just get elsie to add on "with sugar on top", you're set. :)


Love the photo of the two of you!
Cute shirt!


Blogging daily might be tough, but it's the little, seemingly ordinary things that really make up our life, right? I keep a daily journal (cuz I don't have the guts to go public with a blog), and it's all about the daily drivel that will one day give lots of insight into how I lived and loved during my life! Your posts are never boring. Love the photos of your girly-girl; so cute.


Hey, Elsie and her clothes are always so cute, what is your favorite place to shop for her?

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