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August 27, 2007



Such a cute story... I am just now in the process of potty training with my soon-to-be-two-year-old son. My daughters were easier... one of them was potty trained by 18 months. Boys are way tougher I've found! Anyway- it is sad when they start--- not a baby anymore! :(

Teri in Louisiana

I swear I could just eat her up!! She is growing so fast! I am the only girl in my house with my 3rd (and very large boy... expected to be 10 pounds at birth) due in 6 weeks and I LOVE that you are posting daily. I think this is one of my fave shots of her! My first son potty trained in 2 weeks about 2 months before he turned 3. Was I lucky or what??? It was so awesome, but I was so not ready. My second son is 19 months younger and he took 3 months to potty train and didn't start until his 3rd birthday. I'm sorry, but I hated potty training. Sure, it was great when it was over, but I agree with you, love the lazy convenience of diapers!


Oh that's funny!!!! I so know what you mean about the diapers. Potty training is a lot of work! Good luck.:)


I couldn't agree with you more on the convenience of diapers. Plus, I think when they train around 2.5 to 3, their control/capacity is better -> fewer trips to the potty in general. Good luck with Elsie. She is adorable.


Oh, I don't even want to THINK about potty training for at least another year! LOL!!! That's pretty dang cute that she wants to though..... :)

Heather Prins

I totally agree! i am in no rush to potty train, either. Been there twice myself and it was so much work! Elsie is so cute!!


I just got my 3 1/2 year old son trained a few months ago. With his older brother, I started right when he turned 2 and he was easy. This time, it felt like I trained for a year and half! Some days, I wish he had a diaper though. Like when we were at Six Flags about 40 minutes into a line for a ride and he announces that he has to go! (I took him and Daddy stayed with big brother.) Good luck with your cutie pie!

melissa deakin

say it isn't is this possible, jamie?
i agree with everything you is the worst when you are in the middle of shopping or some other task and you have to drop everything.
i am still in shock because boys are so much later than girls.
thinking of you...


i feel you mama!!!

its so hard doing errands when you have to keep stopping at dirty bathrooms... and how about... when you go to eat somewhere just you and kids, no chris, and one of them needs to go pee... you can't leave them by themselves... so you have to take ALL of them... not to mention, leave your food unattended, open to the possibilities of God knows what.

but congrats Elsie... big girl!


ack! while i have been blog slacking you have totally stepped it up several notches . . . ah well . . . great catch up reading ahead for me . . . :D

(did want to say how much i loved your "not so great not in the mood to take pictures" post . . . i so love your pictures . . . such beautiful works of art in themselves . . . but nice to know even the best can have an off day or two . . . ) :D


Yah... that process isn't fun. I tended not to go anywhere! I hated it being over with my last too... but boy... do I love not carting around all that baby stuff whenever we want to go somewhere!


what a gorgeous skirt! and congrats on the big girl


Oh Jamie, Elsie is just one month older than my 2nd daughter and she is already potty-trained. Congratulation to you and to Elsie.
For my girl, she can't even speak yet. Just know how to address people and 'take'.
Love seeing Elsie's photos. Oh.. camera's battery is dead... please go find the charger and take more photos. :P


whaaaaaaaaaat??!! omg, what a big girl :(

Cindy C

How's the potty training going? I can't believe what a big girl she is already... didn't she just move up to size 4 diapers? She is so so cute.


hi jamie, first time to comment but has been here a lot of times. i can totally relate with this post, i have a 2 year old who does not want to wear diapers anymore :-) but i still strap her with one during night time and if we go out of the house.

i love your pictures! and i love your LOs!

take care!

auts in california

mmm. mihan hit it right on the head w/the food part. she really knows the value of food, doesn't she? LOL ps. i think im gonna start signing my name like so. lol

chanda Alicante

Such a Big-Big girl Jame....So early! I can't even imagine Alexa on the potty. She's not even walking yet! I know what you mean about the dirty toilet thing. I remember during Christmas time, we were in line for 30 minutes at Walmart and she got me out of the line to use the restroom...when we finally got to the restroom, she already pee-d in her pants!!! Diapers are heaven sent! I'm lazy too!

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