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August 24, 2007


Niella {NZ}

Love the photos Jamie:)Elsie is just the cutest! Am loving the daily posts and photos too:)So fun too read!!


still trying to figure out the internet here in Oz, LOVE these pics, cam looks so old in the top one. miss you!


Your kids are so cute!

Tammy Harder

I have a little boy about the same age as Elsie. And I get the same tantrums. Yesterday we were trying to take some family pictures. He was fine one minute and screaming the next. Can't wait till he outgrows this phase. You always get such great shots of your kids. And love your lo's. You're a huge inspiration to me!


She is getting SO big! Your kiddos are all adorable. :)

Teri in Louisiana

She looks like such a honey, I just want to reach through and squeeze her! I love seeing pics of your kids... they are all so cute... and I llloooooovvvve your layouts. With 2 boys 1.5 ys apart and another one due in 7 weeks, I have little time lately to scrap so I constantly look to your lo's for inspiration. I'm striving to be less anal about my pages and just go with it. Thanks Jamie!!


Hoping all that scrapping might be for Cocoa Daisy next month.

So glad you're going to be there.

Can't wait to see your work!



We can't seem to get a pic without the rabbit ears or funky face!!! LOL.


okay, I'm so sorry but I can't tell if that's Cameron or Caleb. I was thinking Caleb, but then Chris said above it's Cam so let's go with Cam.

but I think he's become my new favorite Waters kid. how can you disagree with a face like that?! does he want a much much older girlfriend cuz I'll gladly volunteer!!

love elsie's fake smile. she learns quick I must say.

and I just now realized that you were doing a post a that idea!!

and how is Mr.Caleb doing? better I really hope...have a great weekend Jamie and kids!


I love seeing the photos that you have taken. Especially Elsie's. She is such a sweet girl, with big round eyes.
Oh ya, would you share with me where you normally buy her clothes? It look great. I got a 16mth old girl also, so looking for some nice clothing for her. :D

Cindy C

I love that Elsie totally knows camera and says cheese for them... that is so cute. Cayla's obession is cell phones, putting them behind her head, and then she starts jabbering.

Isn't it weird how they end up waking up with random scratches to the face? That's usually my cue to cut her nails... ha :)

I absolutely love all the pics.

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