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August 22, 2007


Cindy C

Of course I will say a prayer for that sweet boy of yours. Hope he is doing ok.

And sorry but I had to laugh at your Hungry Caterpillar story. When I first heard that story in the 1st grade, that candy page was my FAVORITE! Too bad you had to deal with little monster though. Is this the beggining of the terrible twos... already?

I love the pic of her toddler smile. Cayla totally makes that same face too with the wrinkled nose. They seriously grow up sooo fast!

Amy Coose

Yep, that caterpillar story causes more harm than it does good. My kiddos have promised they'd eat some veggies if I let them have cake, pie, candy...etc. first! ;)

Sorry your sweet boy isn't doing well. He will be in my prayers.


she is so big jame! love the one of her super smiling. and those little muddy hands!! love em...
(why couldn't you just ask the dr. for a aw pop?!)
ps, your boy is so handsome :)

heather prins

Man i am so glad other people have toddlers that are as difficult as mine is! My little turkey is so headstrong and stubborn! She would have reacted the exact same way. I had to get rid of a Curious George pop-goes-the-weasel- toy because of the level of frustration it caused!!!


40 min wait! thats rough. you can't blame the lil girl.

get well caleb!


awwwe what a little sweetie! Love the one with her nose all scrunched of my twin girls makes that exact face! Prayers are with your little guy.

melissa deakin

awww...she is precious beyond words even in the most difficult of times...we are at the same stage--battles over everything...especially diaper changes.
i hope caleb is doing well...will keep him in my prayers.


get well soon've got lots of aunties praying for you!!


prayers for your little guy...

great pics as always!


that little girl of yours is so sweet. love seeing her photos.
Oh ya... love that beach you went to on the last post. Beaches in Singapore do not have such clear water.


Hope your little guy feels better.

That scrunchy face in the bw makes me miss when I did daycare. Those sweet little faces. And then I remember what eight one-year-olds trantruming in unison is like, and I think: thank goodness people like you with cute kids post adorable photos on their blogs. Much easier on my sanity. ;-)

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