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August 29, 2007


Melody Brown, Cape Town

Yikes, I didnt know your man was away aswell. I, too, struggle when mine is away - a weekend seems like an eternity! Enjoy your WHOLE family together again. I think we should give you at least a week off from blogging! Have a fab weekend!


I'm the same way with my fiance...and we're not even married yet! He used to be part of the National Guards Reserves, and he went away for two weeks (& couldn't call me). It was pure hel*! Glad your hubby is back! Your daughter is so cute!


Love that you've been posting so much! I really enjoy seeing pics of Elsie cause she's only a few months older than my DD. Thanks for sharing your family with us:)


Els is absolutely adorable!!! Praying that your guy is home safe & sound soon...and your family can all settle back into comfortable chatter & chaos that fills your days.

auts in california

love the shot of the two of you. and goober elf is too cute on the rocking chair. ugh, kainoa needs toys. elf makes him jealous.


chris was gone? i never missed him! :) jk. but what a model shot that first one is.... GQ-ish.

caleb hanging upside down= BORED

keep cooking elsie! Lord knows your mama dont.

amy tangerine

awww- i love that you miss him so much! capn is in the desert right now and i am off to the beach tomorrow. it's only been a couple days but i miss him lots and the puppies too! xoxox


I can't sleep without mine either. What a wonderful gift they are!!


so glad he made it home!!!


that second photo of you two together is DREAMY!!!!! I love it! That one of Els is stinkin' cute and the one of Chris at the top is fun as well!

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