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August 23, 2007



sooooooooooooo cute with els and the boys, and that set is my new you guys

Carrie D.

My daughter loves the Lulu books! It's a great series. What a cool etsy store - thanks for sharing!


A-mazing. you are so talented. geeze,we're cousins, you'd think i'd get some of that! can't even use photoshop! (thanks chris- lol)

Melody Brown

Hey,been a reader for a while and am so enjoying your daily posts. Am also a fan btw, but not a scary stalker type *grin*


I hear you on the tantrums... my daughter is 2 1/2, she just had one this morning! They are not pretty! At least it happend at home and not out in public! Our girlies... gotta love them!

Love her new hair clips! BTW... I enjoy reading your blog!



oh that kid (well, ALL of them are actually) precious!! I do not miss those todler tantrums but they'll be gone before you know it!! GREAT pictures from that last bunch of posts!!!!!


i love that series of 3 group.

Amy Tangerine

those photos are adorable of little elsie.. can't imagine her being a brat at all!


I love seeing something here every day. Love that one of the three of them at the table drawing. So cute!


I too have been dropping by your blog from time and time - your photos and layouts are just beautiful! You are so talented and inspire me to get back to my scrap room. Must get some of those hair clips - the exchange rate isn't that bad at the moment, so why not! LisaW

melissa deakin

i swear, she is just the cutest thing ever and i love that she lets you take her picture...i never seem to get any of soon as i get my camera, he runs!
love that storyboard...what font is 'beauty'?
oh and those hairclips are adorable beyond words!

Cindy C

Ok, the workbooks picture is too cute! She's such a big girl and you can totally tell she is concentrating too!

Thank you for the link to the cute clips on etsy... I just ordered 3 sets. :)

The new story board is amazing! Elsie is just so cute. I know you had said that Chris was taking alot of the pictures lately but yours are definately rockin'!

jamie k

i guess I hadn't left a comment here...and I thought I did.

but I was stuck on that first picture of the 3 *doing* homework. Elsie wants to be just like her brothers, huh? I literally sat here just staring. it's gotta be one of the cutest pictures out there...

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