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September 30, 2007



I'm bummed that you didn't invite me to scrap-bond with you! I totally needed a day like that! :)


you're welcome Jamie!! I told Linda that one Jamie would be replaced by another...hee hee! and 6 layouts in 6 hours?? that's pretty good! I think I did 2 in 7 hours. not so good.

Caleb looks like a little sailor with his respect crown. and Kira must be ecstatic that she's got her own phone now...

We'll have to try cropping together again soon...haha, "together". as if...


Kira's face is priceless!
Way to go Caleb for r-e-s-p-e-c-t!! :)
LOVE that pic of Chris holding up E!
6 layouts in 6 hours.....way to go!


you hae such a beautiful family! Love that Chris/Elsie photo. Can't wait to see the 6 layouts...getting a Jamie fix with the garden plus 6. Wish I could've been at the crop. Can't believe I haven't scrapbooked in months. Will be fun to catch up soon...i hope. xoxo


that father/daughter photo...sheer perfection. -kathleen


love that pic of chris and elsie... so cute and the colors rock!
can't wait to see the layouts :)

Holly Child

I always love reading your blog!! Your pics are amazing and your family is so cute! ;o)


woohooo! so proud of caleb! so happy for kira. you guys are officially cool jame! cute pictures...


you are cool:)
crop looks like fun! can't wait to see what you made!


CONGRATS CALEB! so proud of you.

CONGRATS KIRA! don't forget to turn off your phone in class.


i loved just looking through your blog - haven't in awhile - love looking at pics and reading about your family:)


LOVE my phone!!! wish i could have gone my mom! hehe!!! but that's ok i go to every other one!!! hehe!!! im sooooo proud of u cakes!!! happy me!!! haha!!! bye people!
your loving
KIRA :) :)


thats cool my mom sat next to my 6th grade teacher's sister. haha!


sry forgot to put from kira on those last two posts! HEHE!!!

Amy Tangerine

so fun to see you even though just for a bit. will let you know when we are in your 'hood! xo

Cindy C

I had so much fun hanging out at the crop. We'll have to try to scrap again sometime and will definately have to plan that play date for the girls soon. :)

Congrats to Caleb on his respect awards and to Kira on her 1st cell phone... so cool!

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