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September 04, 2007


tara pollard pakosta

awwww love those memories! so cute and i have never seen one of those family bikes!!! i must try that one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how fun jamie!!!!


how FUUUUN!!! :)


so there *are* more than just your family in CA that could rent those bikes, eh? you know I'm just teasing.... :)

Cindy C

Oh Santa Barbara sounds wonderful right now in this crazy heat wave we are having. I love all the pictures... especially Elsie's helmet. Her expression is so cute... it made me laugh. :)

That is awesome that you rented that bicycle built for six... fun!

Reading about you reminsicing about UCSB makes me want to go to UCI and take pictures of my kiddos there since that is where DH and I started.


i heart our memories! i also heart the pics!!!! we have to that bike ride again, k mom? ok love ya!


gee, self, you must really like that New Zealand shirt. Maybe its time to give it a wash though;)


hi jamie! i love the photos that you have taken!
esp those that the backgrounds are blurred. how did u do it? and i love taking pictures for my little sister as well. but she's constantly moving. what is the shutter speed that i should use?


I'm an LA to London transplant and recently found your blog and have been lurking (am a fan of your scrapping!) Reading your blog reminds me of my happy days in LA and the fond memories of Santa Barbara as well. {{Sigh}}

Really cute kids by the way!


So fun to go back and relive old memories! :)


Ahhhh...memories of Santa Barbara. I remember you two during that time. So cute. How time flies...


Just reading this post makes *me* nostalgic for SB. I was lucky enough to live steps from the beach for 2 years and just blocks from it the other 2! ;) Good times indeed...


Very cool, Santa Barbara sounds so nice!

Your layout class looks very cool--do you ever do online classes?

Ann Marie

Jamie K

those pictures look so nice. a trip to Santa Barbara is such a good idea for a long weekend. we should've done that too! especially to get away from all that heat we were getting...

Elsie looks a little unsure of that helmet. but safety first!

and I especially love that last picture of your shadows. you're making a heart right? so genious. must try that soon...

can't wait until your class next week!!


laya got those green frog boots jame... so theyre elsie's once she grows out. :)

auts in california

you guys are too cute :) ming, love laya as a nickname! chris, love your blog 'post its'. jame, isn't this your blog? why am i talking to everyone else?

Amy Tangerine

love those photos and i still haven't made it up to SB but really plan to next year. so excited about your class next week!

Niella {NZ}

Jamie, love today's blog entry! Just gorgeous your family. Hey, it's so cool how Kira and Chris left little comments...Love THAT!

Chris, I'm sure Jamie will get you some more NZ themed shirts when she visits next year...fingers crossed! So maybe you won't have to wash it after I'm sure Jamie will not appreciate this idea!! haha.


Niella, you think I'd let jamie go to NZ without me;) I'm right there with her in January!


We love SB, too! My grands have a second home in Carpinteria and we take the train on up from SD all the time. Love the photos as always.

Niella {NZ}

Sooo cool Chris:)that is really awesome to hear. Am looking forward to seeing you both in person! And since Jamie will be busy signing magazines etc, perhaps you could sign my t-shirt!!Lol. That'd be ironic:)


Looks like so much fun!!! ;)


that family bike just makes me laugh- you guys look so cute on it! sounds like you had fun!! love all the photos!


what a fun trip, love the pics!

kira's comment made me smile. i heart your family so much :)


Oh man... UCSB.
I havent been back there since 94. I cant believe its been over 10 years since Ive been to my old stomping ground. I bet its changed tons.

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