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September 26, 2007


Heather Prins

don't ya just love those new words?! Chloe is saying "bess you" when anyone sneezes (or just because) and it just melts me!

kim henkel

u r such a good mommy! she is just precious! xo

Jenn Tan

she is such a cutie... and the pix is just precious!

Sasha Farina

cuteness!! Els is so so adorable!




I know that feeling of the clip coming out!! haahaa my girls were like that too, Gab mostly! She's so sweet!


I would be in so much trouble if I had a girl...... :)


How do you take such beautiful pictures of Elsie?? The only way I can get Kili to stay still is if she is watching Mickey Mouse!


so very cool that she knows what 'home' is!!! :)

Amy Tangerine

elsie actually called me from your cell phone last night! it was really cute, she was blabbing away! xo


"help." ... it makes you want to drop everything and run to her. how cute.


my favorite of crew's is stuuuuuck.

Carrie D.

Love her little hair clip! When are we going to see pics of your newly painted kitchen?!?

melissa deakin

so precious, jamie.
love that barrette.
i love her growing vocabulary!
happy weekend!


haha. she looks like Beezus in the top one. (Ramona & Beezus books by Beverly Cleary).

Amy Hummel

I sooo know what you're going through! My 5 year old has no bangs. My 3 year old has bangs. She's at the point now where I keep asking myself if I should let them grow, or keep them. I think they are staying for awhile though, because they kind of make her... her.

As always, love the pictures...

Debbie Cook

oh, i totally here you, girl!!! my dd just won't keep those barrettes in either! but totally cries at the thought of cutting her hair. and she's 4. great.
loving the pictures. you've got some serious talent! :)


She is such a doll baby. Her big brown eyes and adorable little expressions are precious. You have a beautiful family.

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