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September 11, 2007



haha, lil elsie and her things. and kk looks so great in the shot, so perfect for how he feels about first grade...he's all growsed up:(

auts in california

how cute! so els doesn't like uniqua? aww.. poor KK.pls tell him kymora feels his pain.

Amy Tangerine

cuteness! you can come to santa monica and play anytime :)


LOVE that "E" shot!!!!!

That pic of kk is so flippin' funny!


Hey Jame,
Love those photos and all of you!


is someone sleeping in class already? or is it the stress of being in school? poor kid, hopefully things will get more exciting for him...

Elsie is adorable as always. I'm sure she loves having Mommy as a playmate all to herself...

see you Friday!


Love the "E". I hear yah with the 5 million books in tow... right now for us it's cars.


:) {Smile} I love that your husband in a picture that your husband took of your son, some other parent is taking a picture of their child. :) Such a rite of passage.


i would have never thought to sit my child down next to a letter and take a pic... youre brilliant.

Sesame Street got nothing on you!

I love Pablo. he's cute.


I know what you mean. The Bigs are in school five days a week and it's just me and The Baby. I miss them but I'm really enjoying Nadia and our quality time together.

See you Friday!

Cindy C

I noticed Pablo in an earlier picture :) So cute that she takes him along. Cayla has a care bear right now that she's attached too but luckily she doesn't take the it out. You might need to get a back up Pablo in case the original one gets lost or broken. :)

As always, I love the pictures! First grade is a long day but I'm sure in time, he'll love it.

One day, we should meet in the middle somewhere so the girls can play. I don't know what's in the middle though... might be ghetto. heehee


SO cute....Devin LOVES Pablo...he was even Pablo for Halloween last year (if ya need a costume, E is welcome to borrow it :). We just watched our, well MY favorite Backyardigans "Stone Step Hill!!!"

Soo fun....


such cute kiddos! love that photo of elsie with the E! and the photo of your son is priceless!


jamie..go check out my's so much better than gymboree...I think there is one near you! :) miley

heather prins

You've been tagged! Come to my blog to check it out!


Tracy M. Smith

Where did you get that Pablo? I have been looking for Backyardigans characters everywhere, but I can't find them where I am!


she looks gorgeous jamie

have a great evening (i guess it's almost evening there LOL)



The pic of Caleb is classic! Love the "E" for Elsie...soooooo creative as always!

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