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September 22, 2007



Wish I could hang out with all of you and do nothing!! Miss ya!
hugs to everyone!! Happy Weekend!


OMG Jame...I LOVE YOUR DESK!!!HAHAHAHA!!! My desk in my apartment looked close to that, but not as many cool stuff. I call it organized mess. lol :) Paul makes me put away my stuff all the time, but I'd much rather have the mess that I can call my "own".


I could kiss you right now Jamie.
Finally, a scrapper after my own heart, lol!! I was getting discouraged thinking I was the only slob scrapper out there. :p


okay so I'm not the only one with a messy desk.

but sorry Jamie, I think yours just might be messier than mine. phew.



people, it actually doesn't look that bad. It's bad, but not that bad, can you see the shelves actually buckling, do you know how much paper it takes to do that?


it was a rainy, VERY lazy day here yesterday too!! :)

Susan D.

i knew there was a reason that i loved reading your blog...up until a week ago my desk was way beyond that, but i had to pack it up to move it to the basement to make room for baby! you have MADE my day=0)

melissa deakin

love that photo of elsie with all the books, jamie.
i'm with you...rainy days are an excuse to just relax!

danni perez

i showed the picture of your desk to my hubby and said, "see i'm not the only one".
love it!

Niella {NZ}

your desk Jamie shows just how creative you are!!

how wonderous I say:)


oh my . . . :D


i adore catching up with what your family is up to:)

Valerie Salmon

Jamie! LOL, now I don't feel so bad that my desk resembles yours! :D


We went to Arizona (orig.from Santa Clarita) to get away from the worked! It rained in the p.m. and left that wonderful Autumn desert smell in the air during the day! Question: Love that "noteworthy" stamp! Checked out the work-in-progress link but didn't see it in any of the kits. Who makes it? Love you mini book!


lol. that's all i have to say.

Melody Brown, Cape Town

Man,I love honest bloggers.|i say the most creative scrappers have the most disorganised desks and I am STICKING TO MY THEORY!

Bee Rozatti

Confirmation that we are all mad scrappers & obviously have Art on our mind!


I have to agree! Honest scrappers are the best...messy desks help with creativity!

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