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September 08, 2007



Now that was a delicious post!!!! Thanks for all that photographic evidence of your life. It was goooooood. :)

I'm with ya on being embarrassed to take pictures in public......


Dang you ARE talented. Behind your seat? Without looking, even? Gosh...I'm impressed!
Elsie's shoe fetish will flourish into a great collection of her own! Just like all her aunties!!! LOL!

melissa deakin

oh jamie,
these photos are absolutely incredible.
just breathtaking.
love the photo of you walking with the kiddos
and i can totally see why you love that last one.
it is amazing!
such a beautiful much love. :)

Amy Tangerine

such pretty photos! i love em. the one of elsie in the air is beautiful and i even get nervous looking at it because she's sooo high!


just beautiful! i can't wait to take your class! you are so inspiring!
love it!


You are some clever girl Jamie!! Every time I look at your site, I am blown away with your talents.
Hope you are having lots of fun with your biggest boy back!!!
Tess xxx


These pics are supposed to be blurry?? Go figure...they are priceless...thank you for your posts! Your talent is one of a kind. Looking forward to your class. :) Have a wonderful week...malama pono!


mmm those were blurry? i thought i was looking at a magazine. lol. and yess... Kira is gonna pass you soon! ooh, and is up pretty high.. (shiver)


Okay... I also make my kids try stuff on and take pics of them in the stores! LOL. And I'm feeling just a tad envious that these shots are accidents!!!


See ya on Friday!! YIPPEEE!!


cool pics jame!


Love you !! Love that photo of Kira! I also love the one of Cakes and Elsie in the air. So good!
Miss ya!
See you soon I hope!


Loves ur pics! Wonder what camera u'r using???

Cindy C

Both you and Chris are such awesome photographers! It's so nice that you can hand over the camera and still get wonderful shots! Wish I had that luxury (my poor DH - haha).

My favorites are kira's boden shot and els in the sky (she is sooo high up there!) And Caleb in the beanie too. :)


ha ha you sure are right about your kids always ready for the camera.(1st pic w/cam) when kk was over, i wanted to get quick cousin pic of kk & jae and i'm hollering.."k guys going to take a pic get ready. jae was busy dressing her barbie and kk focused on a DS game.. and I'm counting..1..still look up, no reaction, being ignored..and 3= kk immediatley places the DS on pause quickly looks up and smiles in time for the pic-Click!--then back into game mode :)so cute.
i was cracking up too at the pic of els and the dirty bird...ha ha..and i love the sis pic of the two girls-els looks so big girl in that pic.
and the pic of chris throwing els up in the air-scary..hehe look how els toes are all curled-i'm sure she felt butterflies falling down :)

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