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September 17, 2007



that mini book is awesome! i've been meaning to try more of these...and this one may be just the push i needed...

hope elsie feels better soon!


that mini book is adorable - I've been getting into these more - love them! Your fam is such cuties! TFS!


That book is so cute!! Can I ask who makes the noteworthy stamp??

Hope your little one is feeling better soon!


so talented pinsan!!!! i hope elf feels better :( in a dark way, i TEENY WEENY like it when they're sick because they cling to you. i know i know, i'm a sicko.

Anne Thompson

The mini book is awesome! Hope your little one feels better soon! So sad when they are sicky.

Heather Prins

our little ones are so similar! My 20 month old has only ever had 2 colds, that's it. My 12 & 15 year olds were pretty lucky too , but definitely had more that the baby! I'm not complaining!!!


OH....the album is darling!! Which kit is this from? I'm sorry to hear that Elsie is under the weather. Being sick is never fun! My prayers go out to her.


that album is ADORable!

melissa deakin

love that little is precious!
i hope elsie is feeling better real soon!


LOVE that mini-book!! :) Super cool! Is it sold like that?

Jamie K

that mini is awesome! that's it! I'm going home right after work and making one too...

hope Elsie feels better...and that the other kids to get the cold too!

and it's a go on the Pink Crop...I'll email you with more info.


not to start any internal guilt within you... but why didn't my caleb and cam get their own page in that mini-book?


Awesome Mini-book!


what a cute book!!!!

where is the Noteworthy stamp from?


Ooh, liking the teeny, tiny clear pillow box!


Beautiful mini! I'm so glad that I was able to get my hands on one of those Sept WIP kits! :-)


The mini book look great! and elsie is so cute and sweet

Jackie Hughes

I love the mini album! Is it a kit that is to become available? I couldn't find it on their website for purchase. ~~Jackie


the book is fantastic!! Poor Els...hope she's better soon!

Sasha Farina

give els some kisses from Singapore... hope she gets well real soon. really love the minibook btw :D

Jennifer Mattix

That mini book is so cute! Where did you get the kit? I love the ribbon!

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