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September 15, 2007



Wow Jamie I am so happy that your class went well and that you felt loved and supported! That is not surprising!!
love those amazing photos Chris! Wow. hugs to you all.


I'm so jealous that I don't live closer; I would have loved taking a class taught by you. You and Chris both do amazing jobs taking pictures of your children and these were great. Have a wonderful weekend. ~enjoli


Man... I wish I could come home to pictures! LOL

jamie k

loved your class Jamie!! It seriously got me in the mojo mood to go home and scrap the night away!! I am no longer afraid to use up ALL the stickers on the sheet. I realize IT IS OKAY :)

Cindy C and I have already put in a request for another Jamie Waters class at the Oasis. and please bring Kira again, she was such a riot to watch and listen to!!!

Amy Tangerine

LOVED the class! big hugs to you and Kira. I can email you the 2 photos I took if you would like!


thanks so much Jaime! I too left my camera at home. The workshop was super. the 405 freeway on friday evening is a small price to pay for such amazing inspiration!


LOVED IT! THANK YOU for bringing Kira again! I sooo miss my niece at that age (she's now 20!) & it was very cool to hear girl talk (me being surrounded by testosterone 24/7!). Come back REAL soon! HUGS!

Sasha Farina

glad to hear u have a superb time! :) and what awesome pictures you have there Jamie!


i'm so glad yu have great friends to support you! as for your cousin, yah she sucks. your friends are lucky to have you to show 'em a few things.. :)


Thanks again for taking the time & being so patient. I just LOVED,loved the class!! You are such an inspiration. And your daughter, Kira...what a sweetheart!! It was really great to finally meet you and hope to see you soon sometime in Pasadena! :) Blessings to you and your 'ohana!


still in new hampshire but i will be stalking the mail gal for my package with the kit inside!


Glad I stopped by today and saw your cuties - beautiful pics!


it was soooooooooooo much FUN!!!! had a great time!!!!!!


you came home to these pics? Geesh! I need a Chris at my house! :) These are awesome!

auts at work

btw, i love the silly pics of KK!
he's soo cute jame.

melissa deakin

so jealous...i'd so love to be able to take a class with you.
such amazing photos by your hubby.
love that storyboard you used on the photos of sweet elsie.
hope all is well!


So sorry I wasn't able to make it! Now I've gotta wait for the next one to get any pages done! I know that you had to be miss celebrity there! :) Can you give me the VIP hint when you're gonna have the next one?


Jamie.... I'm in love with that last shadow photo! It rocks!


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