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September 20, 2007



202 am?! girl, get some rest. that pic of cam is hilarious.
lol on caleb.. he's so handsome jame!!!!


oh, ps. i totally have faith in Kira. :) love that she's into cooking... lucky yu.

tara pollard pakosta

i LOVE that photo of the girlies!!! so sweet! can't wait to see you scrap that one!
and that caleb what a ham! i always get your boys names goofed uP! do you do that???! they sure are cuties!


that photo of caleb is hilarious! :)


The picture of the girls is so endearing...absolutely priceless...glad you captured it on film! :)


Hey so glad to see all of those photos! We love you Cam !! Love you too Cakes! Kira & Elsie!
Miss you all.

Amy Hummel

That photo of the girlies is amazing. I always love the colors in your photos. What's your camera/lens of choice. I have a canon 20D, and have a few decent lenses... but I want something better!


kira and els' relationship is so cute... .i cant wait to see how it evolves as they get older.

your blog being more on the elsie side... completely agree with cam, so unfair.

equality and justice for all!

Anne Thompson

You take such amazing photos! The light is always gorgeous, and you've got gorgeous subjects as well!


hehe hehe! omg!once i saw the pic of kk, i could not stop laughing how cute he is!total ham-love it! and the 'movie star wave' is so your brother AND dad :) haha..when i told jay just describing the wave, he immediatley knew what i was talking about, and busted up too :) so now 3 generations of...let's call it..'the movie star wave' :) hehe
I adore the pic of els and kira :) and of course, cameron-handsome fella :)


caleb looks so sweet raising his hand!!!! always love to see photos of your family!

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