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September 13, 2007


Mel Nunn

Hey Jamie... I have 2 kids under 4 and I am wishing for easier times. I guess it goes so fast, so I am trying to enjoy it. It is the entertaining that I find difficult too- such clever little minds always needing to do something.

Have a great day!




Hey Jame,
I am so totally understanding the whole my kids are all grown up thing. Jake is going to be 13 this Sunday CRAZY I can't believe these 13 years have gone by so fast! Plus both my boys are in school now too. I miss my little ones and yet I am excited and happy to watch them grow and become who they are meant to be. Love you! thanks for sharing!

melissa deakin

so beautifully said.
now, i know i only have 2, but it is still hard for me to believe that sean is gone all day and will continue to be forever now (summer aside). it's like you are always moving forward and now i want to go backward and that is just not an option.
it is hard...harder than i ever imagined.
(hoping i am making sense!)

Sasha Farina

*hugs* I just know how that feels. now i feel like I ought to have another baby just to keep me company. but i can't keep doing that can I? So i guess i'll have to learn to let them grow...


total sap. i love it. you are on point, jame. so lucky to be a SAHM.


love the pics of the littles :)
you are such a good mom, jamie!


well that made me all teary-eyed...i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that collage of KCC when they were little! It's fun to see them that age!


What a sweet tribute to motherhood. I, too, have three under five and it is very tough. I crave outside activity and adult interaction, at times practically forcing myself into other's conversations just to be heard.

And now that my Bigs are in Bigs school, I miss the chaos that were the days of summer and, like you, although we miss them, Nadia and I are getting along beautifully. It's like I'm falling in love with her all over again.

Thanks, as always, for sharing.

Melody Brown, Cape Town

Yup.A year ago I had 3 under 5yrs too. Aint no picnic. Now my oldest starts Grade 1 next year and I am freaking out. I think one of the beaut things about scrapping is that it takes you on the journey of enjoying every moment. Savouring. Even the crappy ones! BTW Totally impressed that you keeping up the daily bloggin'.....


sappy for real. yes, elsie's face is really maturing, sorry to tell yoiu, but the baby-ness is starting to fade... gonna be a beauty though like her mama... must run in the blood.


when your baby is born and ppl say to you to enjoy EVERY moment becauses time goes so fast... i thought 'yeah course' but it REALLY does pass by SO fast.all those well wishers and advice givers were spot on! i too am priveledged to be sahm and try so hard to enjoy and savour every moment.


I connected with this post so much, I want to cry. I'm a SAHM - my children are 1 & 3. I feel so isolated sometimes, I know that's how a lot of SAHMs must feel but I choose to stay home and don't regret it one bit as difficult as it may seem sometimes. I don't have a lot of friends and my company is far and few between...
Also, just looking back at old photos of my son even a year ago makes my throat tighten and tears start to form. It is the hardest stage right now for my kids (tantrums & clinginess too) but I try to remember, I only have them this small for a tiny fraction of their (and mine) life and try to soak up every little sight, sound & smell of them....I'm knee deep in the most amazing little humans. I know when they are grown, I'll want them back, tantrums and all. My sister always says, 'watching them grow is bittersweet'.

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