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October 02, 2007



Jamie, I love when you post your layouts...they are all awesome. Linda's layout of Elsie was reminiscent of your style, only your titles tend to have one word being the focal point and the rest of the title in a smaller size. All of it is just great though!

melissa deakin

your work makes my heart skip a beat.
love that photo...can't wait to show that to my hubby...he will love it! HA!

Robyn W.

Geez girl - they are all so cute! :) Always love looking at your work - such eye candy! And I'm a bit jealous...I think it would take me weeks to get all that done! :)


i love these layouts! where did you get the write-on labels for the "sweet" layout?

Amy Hummel

HOLY COW!!! Look at all those yummy layouts!


you just made me seriously consider dragging out my supplies, for the first time in...oh about 8 months. thanks :)

and i totally saw that photo on blu's blog this morning!!

Sasha Farina

goodness... oodles of great layouts! Thanks for the inspiration Jamie!

Yvette Adams

Oh I just love your stuff. You are a wiz with pp. Awesome!!!

Trish Turay

oh, WOW! I just have to say--you ooze creativity! So glad I saw this tonight--you've totally inspired me! Thanks so much!


haven't really scrapbooked since before Carson...this really makes me want to get on it. You are amazing! Love all the little bits and pieces you put on your layouts. Curious to know what the little brads are on the page that tells about what you have been doing in the last 10 years...ballet, softball..etc. Love, love! xoxo

Cindy C

Ooooh... love all the layouts! Total inspiration!

Kira is so little in that yellow sun one. And although I love Elsie's trim layout, it makes me sad I don't have pictures of Cayla's dreaded 1st haircut a la grandma! :(

Great photo too... I see new green kitchen wall!


I'll have bright happy dreams now...and hopefully translate that onto paper tomorrow :)

Caroline Ikeji

i LOVE those!

jennifer davis

LOVE all of these layouts...makes me so happy looking at them, thanks for sharing them on your blog! =)

Melody Brown, Cape Town

Time for me to do some scraplifting me thinks.........


these layouts ROCK! i love it when you post your stuff!


LOVE all your layouts!! Thanks for sharing.


Wow totally <3 these! Thanks for sharing - these made me smile!


It's amazing what you can do with only snippets of patterned paper and a photo! Love all of your layouts,thanks for the inspiration!And so cool to be able to see your work in Belgium, Europe...

Amy Coose

You just ooze talent! Your LO's are amazing...I love each and every one!


dang, have you been busy? :P
i love them all!

Anne Thompson

Everytime I see one of your layouts I want to run to my scraproom and start scrapping! I am always so inspired, your layouts are awesome!


such fun eye candy - love the way your creative brain works. :)


Look at those fun LOs, really love ur style, very inspiring, tnx for sharing! =)


oohhhhhhhh, so that's a layout!! lol :) you already know, you rock.
ps lol on the pix of chris. so deep in thought.

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