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October 04, 2007


Cindy C

Ok... you both rock the photos with whatever camera you are using... even if it's "just" an iphone! Wow... the photos are great! Look at Elsie about the brush the goat(?). Such a big girl! Glad you enjoyed your day of hooky!

jamie K

ooh, I want a day of hooky...

and that last picture really gets me in the gut. for some reason, it's so

what's she doing climbing on top of your head anyway??

Amy Hummel

Wow, those are nice photos for a phone!!!

My phone takes HORRIBLE photos!

tara pollard pakosta

those photos are awesome!
esp. LOVe the one of you an els b/w! adore it!


iPHONE?! man, you guys are totally stylin'. sucks that no matter what camera you guys use your pics are still really good. cute pic of you and elf!! looks like 'monkey business' get it? zoo? monkey? lol lol


you guys have an iPhone now? You guys are toooooooooo cool for school! :)


holy. those are from the iphone? and all that time i thought it was your cool n expensive camera behind those beautiful visuals... lil did i know you guys are just dope photographers.

my elsie... oh, i miss her. nice to see her mama didn't take her to the zoo during a heat wave... again.

melissa deakin

love these photos, jamie!
i cannot believe they were taken with a phone.
elsie is just too cute for words!

amy m

looks like a fun day. Pretty impressive for the iphone.


will you be featured in the scrapbook etc, magazine all the time?(better homes and gardens) If you are I will buy it!!!!


look at you, you cute thang!!!
where's 'your' iphone?:)

Amy Tangerine

these are great! looks like you all had a fun day.


wow, the photos look great. do you do editing of your photos before you develop them? can share with me some techniques or where can I find some tutorials? I'm trying to learn how to edit photos to make them nicer before I develop them. Thanks In Advance!


great photos! makes me want an iphone even MORE!!! looks like the zoo was a fun time :]


Love those pics! I'd also be interested in editing tips that you can share.
And by the way - life isnt fair...youre talented AND beautiful??! Seriously, how do you stay in such good shape after having kids?

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