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November 26, 2007



ha! first! i love that elf is into boots.. such a fashionista. i cant wait to see the card :)
ps, k is so pretty!!

danni perez

ha, we aren't morning people's okay girl.


love this post!
kira looks SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Can't wait to see the Christmas card!


I have a 3 yr old & she loves boots too ! I didn't buy her one yet, her dad would kill me if I buy another shoe ! We got dozens & dozens from "hand me downs".


so good to see a pic of your mom... elsie looks like malaya when she was lil in that last pic.


so cute!!!! i can't believe how big Kira is getting.


Hey Jame,
So cute! Can't believe how grown up Kira looks next to your Mom. Crazy! I think Jake has caught up to my mom or maybe passed her by..we'll see when we are all together again. Which isn't soon enough! Love ya!

melissa deakin

love these photos.
laughing at the part about the girls being the ones that cooperated.
see what i am up against?
saturday is my day...going to try to get a photo.
wish me luck.
i cannot wait to see your card this year!
i remember the gorgeous one you did last year!


well shoot, if elsie had made ME buy those boots i would've :P CUTE!
don't feel bad, we aren't morning people either. i hate mornings.


love my lil old man cam :) He's always on top of it! (middle child like me..:)

and kira-koo--she looks so teeny bopper-ish here. sigh. beautiful.

Love mama and cowgirl els too..and can't forget cakey too :)

Joy U

Look at how Kira has grown! Love that pic of her with your Mom.

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