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December 05, 2007


Sue E

Just have to say i love reading your blog - little Elsie is such a cutie - makes me want another baby! ALways such beautiful pictures!


Where did you get those boots? I think my two year old must have a pair too!


What a little lovebug! She's adorable - love the boots, too. :)


Hey Jamie,

Love love love her boots. I have a 3 year old girl and she loves boots too. Your little girl is very very very cute.


Heather Prins

aawww so cute! My little Chloesie is 23 months so i get it. the words are so cute, i love them so much and cherish each one. Right noe its "show me walk" take me for a walk and show me things... OMG!!! Have a great day. love you other blog, btw!


apparently her style checks out, even with other 2 year olds. My Felix keeps saying, "OOOOOH! I like at baaaby grill. OOOH I like ose rainbooots."

She's adorable.



yooook at her karate kicks with the boots on!


Els is so adorable. Love-love the boots! Lexa has that same thermal wear from target!

Melissa Raphael

Love those boots...I need to get some to...and then run out and dance in my pjs just like her...
:)Love it!

Kili's mom

oh my!! Thanks for sharing the photos! Kili just loved them too! She wanted to kiss the computer screen. :)


laughing about the jeans :)
what a smartie pants!


Elsie looks so cute - love the jammies and the boots!
And, right now the nativity scene is BIG in our house too!
Wondering how you like those jeans and which cut you like best - they all look so good! Thanks for the link.

melissa deakin

oh my goodness...those boots.
love them.
she has such good style.
it is going to be a very fun Christmas!

jamie ko

oh yook at her. what a cayoot wittle kawate kid! showing her mooves in her pink pj's on the stweet.


OMG this totally made my day *aside from the wonderful package I received today from a scrap friend* I love her shots, she is just tooooo stinkin precious!!


I think her hairstyle right now is my favorite of all time!
Check out that posing! Too funny!!


She's one of those kids where you don't think she could possibly get any cuter. And then she does.

Happy 21st Month Birthday, Elsie! Love the boots!


those boots are HILARIOUS. i love how she is so observant. i love her!

Amanda V.

oh the Cuteness!! So love this age and she is just adorable in those boots! Love the karate storyboard and the second picture is just a beautiful shot! the jeans logo story is so funny, I never stop to look at things from their level, great point!


Jamie, little Elsie has to be one of the cutest little girls around! Love the boots!
I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to your new posts! Have a great Holiday season!


Margaret is 35 months today! What big girls we have now.

I just got Margaret a pair of rubber boots at H&M - I am a bargin hunter and they were only $5 so of course I had to get them -- Margaret loves them so much - just like little Elsie.

I wonder what the attraction is? I think it might be that she can put them on and off with no problems and then clunk around as she likes. So cute.

I wish we had some leaves left on the trees -- our leaves are all on the ground - I guess we will rake in the Spring because it is so cold here and the leaves are pretty much frozen to the ground!

BTW - LOVE your Dec 1st stuff! Inspiring as heck.

I love your blog, I do. The lovely pages and projects and family things. But the post at the top that won't go away promoting your new photography business is, just being honest here, getting a little annoying... It always throws me off that my feed said it was updated, but it must not be.. oh, wait. And then a little twinge of annoyance. Probably just me. But it would be so much more authentic if you just posted a link to the side and let us know when it was updated so we could go visit when we wanted. Because I love your photography, too! Just the positioning of that link has been driving me batty, and perhaps other people, too.


Please, please no anonymous posts. We appreciate it.


My little boy Callum, who is 2yrs and 4 months says "yook!" too. Love it, so very cute.

Shannon Tidwell

Love those boots!!!!
Can you believe they are almost 2???!!!

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