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December 07, 2007



Today we're celebrating a birthday, too! Happy Birthday, Chris! Sounds like a great day, have a great rest of the day, too.



Happy Birthday to you!!!! :)

I liked you before I met you in person, and your Utah visit solidified that to me! You are wonderful to both Jamie and the kids! They are so lucky to have you! Can't wait to see the 'big' things you guys have planned for the coming year! :)

Jessie Fulkerson

Happy Birthday Chris! We almost did Pinkberry today but it was cold so we made it Sprinkles instead ;)


thanks jamie for such thoughtful words and being the best wife ever! jessi, you're awesome, I wish we all lived closer together, we had so much fun visiting! someone, please tell me how to slow this train down, how am I 32 when i still feel 16!

Shannon Tidwell

Happy birthday, Chris!
Can't wait to meet you next May!!

jamie k

happy birthday Chris!!
32 isn't bad. I just turned 30 yet some people still think I'm in high school.
ooh! maybe we fall into the same category somewhere huh?

have a great one! you certainly have great people to celebrate with!

jenn, jay & jaeden

happy birthday chris!! enjoy your day with your BFF :)


Happy B-day Chris! Can't believe that we met when you were a junior in HS! Now we're both 32!!!!

sarah miles

Happy happy birthday Chris! We wish you all the love, health, happiness and success in the world! You guys are such an amazing couple with your 4 beautiful kids.

Lots of love,

The Miles family.

p.s. uh...I know it's your birthday and all, but i'm DYING to see the getty shoot! ;)


Happy Bday !! I love you and cherish the fact that I have such a wonderful brother. You are a devoted husband, a faithful dad, so creative and incredibly fun! I miss you!
OH and you also married the best woman on the planet!! Lucky you!
Birthday Love from us to you!!

laura t.

happy bday chris and hold onto your and dh are 43 and the ride just gets faster and sweeter...enjoy!


what a great day and life! congrats and Happy birthday!

it's cold and rainy in San Diego, too! love it!



happpppy birthday Chris!!

32! You are still a young chicken!

sarah goodman

Hey Chris,
Happy Birthday! It was so fun putting a "blog" face with a name at the shootshop! I really enjoyed chatting with you and all our kid related stuff! I guess the four kids thing kind of blew people away! HA! And Jamie...he could not say enough great things about are one lucky gal! I wish you both a super fun filled relaxing day together!


happy belated birthday to chris!!! maybe a new job at AC is in store for this 32nd year? ;)
hope it was a great one!


happy happy bday, chris!!! you're older than me. puahhahaaaa

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