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December 27, 2007



omg! soo cute!! i love that she really comprehends her gifts/xmas.


So cute!!! She DOES loves shoes huh?


:)this pic of els made my christmas:) i couldn't wait for her to open this! i kept telling jay & jae that--i think too much cuz jae got irritated after a while cuz i must of said it too much, lol! but once i saw the boots...ELFIE's name was written all over it :) i'm so happy you captured her expression :) hmm...maybe my oh so sweet SIL can scrap this pic for me :)


now that is a great picture.
that is a look of sheer happiness!!

I need to go to Target too, and the Asian market. gotta love days off, so full of stuff to do.


I love children's expressions because their true feelings just really show well. This is a great pic of a very happy girl. I think the angle is perfect!


that's SO cute! :)

I was at Target the day after Christmas at 8am......obsessive? I think not. :)

Kili's mom

Perfect expression caught on film!! Wish we had a Target here! :)


can i borrow those elsie? :)


sooo cute! i miss you guys sooo much! can't wait to see you! i want to spend my giftcards too! :)
<3 kira ^_^

Heather Prins



Adorable! Christmas really is for the children. Our gift is to enjoy them!

I still haven't been to Target since Christmas and I've got a gift card burning a hole in my pocket! heehee


Love that you captured that adorableness and her love of shoes...


I loveeeeeeeeee this pic so very much. GREAT GREAT caption. It totally made my day. Thanks for sharing and enjoy those gift cards. They do come in handy for the after XMAS sales, thats for sure. I think I have spent about $350 so far and that is only at 50% off. YIKES... Just call me CRAZY.. hahaha


i miss Elssssssssssiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee and allllllllll of you guuuuuuyyyyyyyyyssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!


SOOO totally adorable!!

Amy Tangerine

ok... how cute is that? love the boots and that expression... her happiness needs to be bottled!

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