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December 10, 2007


Amanda V.

Those cupcakes look divine!!! Yum Yummy!! --oh how I miss Trader Joes, none here in TX :(
I just bought that same advent kit, --what did you print them out on?? need to get that done...

Thanks for the inspiring post!


oooh i need one of those trader joe's houses... that's adorable!!!

good to talk to you today :)
you're so cute! give me a call if you need anything else.

melissa deakin

you are having so much fun getting into the holiday spirit.
i love your advent calendar and that is too funny that elsie knew it was daddy! ;)
that gingerbread house is it!

melissa deakin

oh, i forgot to say that i hope the kids are enjoying the books!


we have an ant problem, so no gingerbread casa for us. boo.
love your advent calendar. ours is from tjoes, so kinda the same? lol


look at all those FUN activities! :)

jamie K

yea, Elsie doesn't look too convinced of the Daddy-as-Santa get-up.

and I don't think you necessarily need an occasion to celebrate in order to have cupcakes. in fact, I think I might just go get one today just because...

happy week to you Jamie!!


Hi Jaime! You, Chris, and the kids are absolutely adorable. I am so amazed by your blog and hope one day, I will be able to document joys in life like you do with your family. Even Johnny says "You should be like Jaime when we have kids!" Haha. Anyway, I'm a subscriber now b/c you've got me hooked!

chanda Alicante

i love the gingerbread house! I think that I'm gonna have to copy you on that one! The advent calendar is too cute...but we have a fan above our dining room table...hmmm

Cindy C

I started buying a bunch of Christmas books last year and now this year in hopes that I will have 25 books to wrap up next year. That is a very cool tradition. :)

Your advent calendar is so cute! I put mine up but nothing inside it... not good.

I love the expression on Elsie's face in the Santa photo. I think Cayla will freak (in a bad way) this year when we take her to see Santa at the mall. Is it bad that I'll still take pictures anyway?

Hope you are doing well!


That advent calendar is beautiful, Jamie! Love all of your photographs! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Kim Bolyard

would love to know where you got that Merry christmas wrapping paper you used on the Christmas books


my hubby dressed as santa
when our girl one was small
& our girl one knew
it was daddy right away, too!!
funny how they know that!!


thank you for the inspiration!

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