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December 03, 2007




Amanda V.

Jamie these are all just beautiful! The layouts for 2peas are just amazing and the journaling is touching, I can totally relate to the "never again" and the "us" layout, and yes journaling is your thing, don't tell yourself otherwise, these are so heartfelt and beautiful.
Love the layouts, eye candy, just amazing. Thanks for sharing! :)

Heather Prins

wow, you've been busy! They are all so awesome, lloks like I have some lifting to do, lol!!

melissa deakin

the pregnancy one blew me your journaling so much.


i loved it. the pregnancy one was a goose bumper.


your journaling is excellent! I loved the layouts you did with the bad girls kit. :)


Totally LOVE what you did with the BG kit!!! :D

Jamie K

that bad girls kit is an eclectic mix, but you made it work! I especially like the fabrics on the 3rd one.

and the journaling is so sweet. I think you made your point, and who cares if it's not what you wanted it to be? the point is is that you put it down for the ones that matter to read. I think they'll get it just fine.

thanks for sharing JW, you inspire so many..

Kili's mom

how you come up with the things you do will always amaze me! such beautiful treasures!! :)

Amy Tangerine

you rocked this kit! i love ALL the pages and that PEACE quote is amazing.

Joscelyne (Joscie) Cutchens

wow wow wow. what great art!

Melissa Raphael

I serioulsy LOVE those layouts. And that pregnancy one...I Love it. Need to do this I finally get pregnant again...(crossing my fingers...)

Bee Rozatti

O Contraire J, I think you are a strong journal-er! I visit your layouts time & again, and love your succint way of words. Been a fan of yours for sometime, ever since you were featured in CK; can't remember exactly--something like, do you know a great scrap artist? (Oh! I thought, she looks Filipino with a haole husband; just like me--my Hawaiian roots sort of show sometimes!) Your latest layouts are as creative as ever. . .it's inspiring. B


more eye candy. :)


We love the classic stories....excerpt story of "Little Red Riding hood" and Elsie's big brown eyes...adorable!

Why won't u have any more children? I can definitely relate, we are not planning on having more, but may, if God wills...but deep inside I would love it, such a miracle!


you are amazing! i love checking your blog. such creative energy ALL THE TIME! thanks for that!

quick referenced this month's garden at 2peas having lots of christmas goodies. can you let me know how to find that on the site? i've registered, but still can't locate it. maybe it's only up for a few days. i see a mini album from s. tidwell today. any help is much appreciated!

you amaze me. your talent is out of this world!

Yvette Adams

Hi Jamie. I wanted to ask you what the little decorative-cut paper strips are... the paper string of blue hearts and the strip of lacey white paper. I just LOOOOOOVE them and I've never seen them before!

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