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December 18, 2007



I'm also watching 'Once' RIGHT NOW ...
if you love the music, you know you need to get a Frames CD, right?


Merry Christmas All!!! I love my mom! Isn't she great! :) Hope you all have a great Christmas!!!
-kira :)
ps caroling party sooooooo much fun!!!


I'm totally going to have to check out these movies. You and I seem to do the same thing with the good ones - watch them over and over again. And over again. I've watched some of my faves so many times that very nearly once a day, sometimes more, a line from one of them comes sailing from my mouth. I do think that if my husband has to sit through one more viewing of "You've Got Mail" or "Love, Actually" he's going to leave me.

Have a very, very merry Christmas.


I love the gift wrapping!!! You're brave to get one of those car carts in the mall!


Love the layout and the gift wrapping, Jamie! So cute! The caroling party sounds like so much fun! Great photos! Hope you have a great day!

jennifer davis

Thanks for the movie tips! =) The last two trips to the video store I contemplated getting these, now I will!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


kira is so cute! i hope kyks thinks i'm cool one day :) your family (including inlaws) are too cute.

Jennifer N

Love the pics, esp the caroling pictures!

I also like the way you decorated your presents. I am way too tight with my scrapping supplies to liven up my presents. But I love the look.

linda b

1. those race car shopping carts are evil.

2. nice pics!

3. it's ok to watch your faves over and over. i've seen office space and stand by me like... 24 times each. :P


Okay, I rented one double stroller at the mall last week and felt like a COMPLETE idiot!!!!! Where was Chris to take a picture of the said race car? :)


sooooooo much fun! ohhhhh presents!!! lol!

Joy U

Ronald is off tomorrow and I am totally going to make him rent me the Keri Russell movie. I've been wanting to see that one for awhile now.

melissa deakin

the Christmas caroling photos are fun is that?
i am so glad you posted about these two movies...haven't seen either, but want to now.
Once looks incredible and i'll have to get the soundtrack.
i love good music!


LOVE you! Miss you! Loved ONce Loved The Waitress. wish we could hang out scrap and watch movies together!
Chat to you soon! Hope the Erin Christmas party was fun tonight!
Hugs all around!

Cindy C

Caroling party sounds fun! Love the pics... especially that 1st one of Els, totally captures her youth and innocence.

Your holiday wrapping is so super cute! I haven't had time to be on the computer much lately so thanks for the reminder to check out the midmonth garden! :)

Have a great Christmas!


I love Waitress. It is hilarious and sad and witty and funny and....I could wax poetic for awhile but I won't. Let's just say I totally agree. I could watch and watch and watch it.

Honestly, one of my favorite parts of which there are many are the scenes with Andy Griffith. It's too funny.

"How are you today?" "Same train-wreck."


OMG! Are you a Glen Hansard fan? The Frames are my all time favorite band. I went to get the movie today, but it was sold out :(

christine Adolph

Rented both these movies after reading your post. Both were quite interesting.
Merry Christmas!


merry (late) christmas! this is my first comment on your blog but i just had to agree about the "once" soundtrack :: love the movie + the music. you may want to check out their live performance for npr :: kcrw's "morning becomes eclectic" had a live performance too but it's not archived anymore. if you'd like a copy i can burn a cd for you; email me at if you're interested.

and, last but not least, i really enjoy your photos and layouts ... i'm constantly inspired! i was bummed i missed your classes at scrapbook oasis, but i hope i can go if you teach again (i live near lax so it's not too far for me).

have a happy new year!


Cute layout and wrapped presents!!

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