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December 13, 2007



you are just going to be the international traveler in '08, aren't ya? :)


OOh - so excited you're coming to Portland. Time for a road trip from Seattle. :)

Kili's mom

I'm soooo excited for you!! LOVE the northwest and still dream of making it to Europe one day. :) Happy Holidays!!!

melissa deakin

how exciting.
i'm so happy for you.
elsie will do just great.

Melody Brown, Cape Town

Hiya Jetsetter, make sure you and Chris add Cape Town to your world tour someday ok? And bring dem kids with ya!

rochelle g

scrapbook attack in portland is a great store..just emailed them your blog to view. good luck.


such fun! i just moved from the bay area to seattle. i don't know where you're going to be, but the Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley is fantastic!!


We'd love to have you teach! Please email me at with possible dates!!


i'm hoping-hoping-hoping that *I* am that cousin that you may possibly visit in 2008! :)

ITALY!!!!!!!!!!! you suck. congrats on that.


oh... and elsie and all those matchy matchy colors... beautiful!


I LOVE that photo of Elsie! What great colors and such a cute outfit! Yay for going to so many wonderful places soon! So excited and happy for you, Jamie!


does your town have like
awesome painted walls
around every corner or what?
LOVE that pic!!


totally in love with elsie's outfit!! :)

have fun on your upcoming trips!!


come to chicago!!!
pretty please :)

paola norman

That is the cutes pic ever!
What a beautiful child, love the colours


If you're ever wanting to come to Canada we'd love to have you!


I love the purple/brown combo! Els is gonna miss you so much! I'm so jealous that you get to travel for the thing you love the most! But I'm even happier for you! You guys will have a great time!


i know you'll have a great time! how exciting!

Shannon Tidwell

I could eat up that little purple people eater:)


ooh oooh oooh!

Scrapbook Attack
Portland, OR
(I think the owner Sheri replied above on 12/13/07)

Life's a Scrapbook
Sherwood, OR

Please teach in Oregon! You'll make my 2008. ;-)

Warm Christmas wishes!

Amy Tangerine

eeek- congrats! i cannot believe you will be leaving for NZ so soon- seems like you were talking about it ages ago! xoxo


O Jamie I just love the photo of Elsie. She is such a beautiful little girl. Have a great time om your trip. And I hope you'll be in Holland too someday. I really love your style.

sandy w.

there's a cool store in SF called timeless treasures.

i would definitely drive down from seattle to take your class. keep us posted!!!! here's a list i made of stores in OR


Come to Waco (Texas)! Come to Waco (Texas)! Crop-Paper-Scissors is a great store and we'd love for you to Come to Waco (Texas)! hehe

The trips to NZ and Italy sound amazing! I don't know the last time both my Chris and I have been away from our boys...just the two of us. What a dream!!!!


Love this picture of Elsie!!! So adorable. I read this entry a while back but am just getting around to commenting. Have a great time while you are away and Merry Christmas.

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