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March 19, 2008



Oh how adorable!! And you were even able to steal a picture of it...SuperMommy! They're expressions are so-in-the-moment. LOVE IT!! :)


oh I love this! such a sweet family....

kelli :)


haha, that is AWESOME, so glad you grabbed the camera...I will never forget how it felt to look into her ginormous brown eyes and see such intense interest staring back at me...she's all the fan I'll ever need.


This is my favorite thing you've ever posted! :)


So, so cute!


this is the BEST! i am a total fan and love viewing your blog for great inspiration for scrapping and photography.

this caught my attention because i write all the plays and dramas for our church.

p.s. one of my fav pics that you have on your site is the one of chris and the word 'ministry' behind him. my husband is a pastor and we are SO involved in ministry. never thought about taking a pic in the element quite like that. thanks!


Soooooooo cute! I love how she is soooooo focused. What's the play about?

P.S. We use those same sippy cups. :)

Amy Tangerine

awww- so adorable.

jamie ko

I wanted to know what the play is all about too...something Easter related perhaps?


Awww :)! How sweet :)! This is so incredibly, adorably cute :)!

Shannon Tidwell

so cute!!! love the green wall, too!:)

melissa deakin

this is fabulous.
what a photo!
oh my.
love it!


lol! when i first opened this up, i thought she was in trouble ;( lol too cute!

tara Whitney

i think this is my favorite too-isnt that funny?
i love seeing the small portion of your house. that green paint color is divine.
i want to paint my bench that color. :)


Looks like a clip from a movie. Can't explain it...all those little real details and the bright pink, purple, green.

I LOVE this photo.

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